Zen/U | 4 Styles

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All shots performed on a 41' typical house pattern.

✔️0:00 Chris
✔️0:31 Sean
✔️1:06 Stephanie
✔️1:34 Chayton

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25 Comments on “Zen/U | 4 Styles”

  1. so the urethane hater is in a urethane ball vid? LOL, Chris and Steph looked good throwing it, should have done a short challenge or sport pattern, too many haters will complain if you throw it on a house shot. But i throw urethane whenever i want to. screw the haters.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling 900 golbal zen u urathane with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  3. Hate watching anything on these lanes. Every ball lofts the gutter and snipes back like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I don’t want a urethane to loft the gutter with wtf lol

  4. This ball is too strong for a house shot, I hope people realize that this ball is just gonna make transitioning that much harder with how much it will break down the middle part of the lanes.

    1. I use my Purple Hammer on house and it is killer and has zero effect on the middle of the lane. Of course I never throw it left of 7 board. 😉

  5. Can you have 3 Urethane balls in your Arsenal?

    I have a Pitch Black and a Rubicon UC3 and I’m interested in getting the Zen U with a medium Layout that’s not too strong and not too weak.

    1. it would fit in between those 2, nothing wrong with throwing more urethane, if that is the kind of ball shape you are looking for.

  6. apparently Sean Rash specifically hates low-flaring urethane 🤔so he doesn’t have an issue with the Zen U, I guess. He didn’t have an issue with the Rubicon UC3 as well.

  7. What is with bowling companies and them making their own ball reviews as un-fun as possible? It’s 2022, man. Hire an editor and get people pumped for your products.

    Every amateur bowling youtuber does a better job than every major ball company.

  8. You know in high school English class how some kids would just write their entire speeches on cue cards and would put the whole class to sleep because they just read everything word for word in a monotone voice?

    This sounds like that.

    1. would be direct competition to your uc3, but ive found if used correctly it can stay in the pocket and is a little more forgiving side to side than the uc3. it is extremely strong and covers a lot of boards as you see in the video like the uc3, but the lower density core with lower diff values allows the ball to have a more usable motion than the uc3 with an asym. it definitely does not get oil on the cover as quick as a pitch black, so it stays stronger longer.

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