Zen Gold Label BETTER Than The Original?!? 900 Global Bowling Ball Review!

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23 Comments on “Zen Gold Label BETTER Than The Original?!? 900 Global Bowling Ball Review!”

  1. Thank you for the review! Would like to see the Absolute next to it as both look really clean. Hopefully before you surface it😬

  2. Trying to decide if it should get this or the Summit. I have a phase 2 and Hyped solid right now

    1. @Michael Yee possibly. I have the hyped to switch down to when it breaks down but could use something stronger early

  3. How about Zen Gold label against each other. One polish and other with surface change. Even from 3000 down to 1500.

  4. This ball shiny the way you threw it today kind of looked like a strong hyroad pearl could be an interesting comparison.

  5. I bet if you rolled a Summit against the Gold Label, you would score better with the Summit in any condition. Seems like Phaze V would work better than Gold Label?

  6. My experience with every polished ball…this video! If I were to get this ball I’d instantly have it on a machine at 4000. Maybe hit it first with a lower pad to really break the gloss.

  7. I have the original Zen drilled pin down. I bowl right side between arrows 1&2 and adjust speed based on oil (medium house for night league and mostly dry for betting pool open group). I’d like to see how this ball bowls on that right side approach and how much it varies from the smooth curve of the original.

  8. What i would love to see is you change the surface at the break…
    Then you can come back and show us the difference. All of my OG Zen’s became magical after knocking some of the shine off. If you would, please keep the pads with you when reviewing because i didn’t learn enough to run out and go get one. Thx bro for the time and efforts πŸ‘πŸΌ

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