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  1. I’m high speed I’ve been hitting my balls with fresh 360 and my game got way better. But now I need a fresh ball for every game the belts polish my ball

    1. I’ve thought about doing that. I do notice when I put 800 or 1000 grit on my Phaze 2, it looks polished by game 3 of league LOL!

    2. ​​It’s called Lane shine, usually caused by oil on the ball. It would help to delay lane shine by wiping your ball on each shot. But for some people, that too hard to do. Others want lane shine to tame down the ball reaction.​@@TraumaER2:06

    3. @@TraumaER my speed I have to move 5 boards in by the end of 1 game! With hard 360 grit. The belts eat balls up forever wanting 4800 grit

    4. @@ou812true5 I want a ball other than urethane or plastic where the cover stock grit never changes ever. Now that’s a ball that would change the game.

  2. Assuming this really only applies to reactive resin since, to my knowledge, urethane enters the roll phase earlier?

    1. Depends how u have the surface. Urethane is supposed to be really rough so the ball makes a continuous arch the whole way down but now the urethane lines are blurry with odd formulations. But I’ll say I do not see men using sanding enough I’ve never seen another bowler sanding a ball before league. It’s absolutely instrumental For me to roll correctly otherwise I’ll never get close to a roll phase. I’ll throw it right to the break point. Everyone has a natural game and speed and we need equipment tailored for our personal game. I don’t want to force myself to slow down as I start throwing it every where

  3. Yeah I used to bowl with a lot of guys that threw it fast with a lot of hand. Tried to tell them to slow it down but some folks are beyond talking to so they continued to throw rails and ringing ten pins.

    1. Instead of telling them to force themselves slower u should have told them to use a sanding pad. Change the equipment is easier than forcing someone to bowl a way that’s unnatural to them. A pro doesn’t slow down their A game the adjust their ball.

    2. @@jefferyboring4410 Tell them to use something they don’t have? You don’t understand these were talented athletes that had NO knowledge of the game to that level. I told them EXACTLY what they needed to do based on the level they could comprehend. They don’t know Jack crap about pads and layouts and things of that nature. Use some context and ask questions before assuming things. And we are talking league bowling here not the regional or pro circuit where those things are obvious.

  4. Ty somuch I think that’s what my problem is I use to have a problem with my approach so now I switched over to 4 step approach so now I have to fix my throw it hooks but I’m not sure if the layout is for me

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