17 Comments on “Working on my timing and backswing! Practice stream 12/21/22”

  1. Caught this late. Just moved to 4 steps after almost 20 years of 5 so it feels really weird but feels like it helps my tempo. Whats your Rev rate at now?

  2. The other day you were talking about thumb inserts. Would you still be able to a thumb sponge in the thumb slug

    1. Maybe I should just watch your videos and quit asking questions because at times your answers make me feel like an idiot about bowling. So thank you for your past reply’s but I will just stick to watching

  3. I was really focusing on a straight arm swing today also; wasn’t really worried about scores. I used my spare ball to go up the five board, to gauge how well I was throwing. So much of what I did today, was playing as far right as possible. The results were mixed.

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