Working On My Physical Game! Can You Spot The Difference?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe

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Working on my physical game!

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39 Comments on “Working On My Physical Game! Can You Spot The Difference?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

    1. @Luis Napoles I am somewhat smooth in my swing going up but I while it down a little bit and I flick my wrist and rotate it ALOT to make it spin faster as long if I can stop whipping the ball down and start sliding a little more then I do now I will be happy with

  1. You’re purposely turning your left foot sideways at the line to make me nervous because I think you’re going to tip over. Ha.

  2. Been making some changes this season myself. Got my release feeling the best its been now just working on speed/timing.

  3. Been bowling for 25 years with a 220 average and I’m just now figuring out how to be forward with the ball…manipulating the ball with just the hand and being consistent is tricky.

  4. hey, just flip your wrist man. you can throw 400+ revs easy, just get inside the ball. will help your consistency too. you can still get around it but if your initial hand position is stronger you will be able to get behind it more and really rip on it

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