Will The 900 Global Zen U Dethrone The Storm Pitch Black?! Urethane Battle!

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The Storm Pitch Black has been the go to Urethane Bowling ball so today we are gonna see if the Zen U by 900 Global can take the crown!

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54 Comments on “Will The 900 Global Zen U Dethrone The Storm Pitch Black?! Urethane Battle!”

    1. No because with Jesper’s revs, he probably won’t be able to throw the Zen U unless he drills it out right

  1. I have both and believe the zen u is not to replace the pitch black but to give you another tool in your bag!!!

    1. @Luis Napoles great video’s!!! I used zen u for a tournament yesterday 4 man team event ths, i shot all games with it. Swaped lanes every game 194,201,265,226,227= 1113 fit

  2. Please do this same comparison but on a 32-35 ft SPORT pattern. That is what urethane is designed to be used on. I don’t care what it looks like on a house shot.

  3. So I was wondering do you have a fast pitch, and if you do, how about a comparison between them? I have a fast pitch and everyone that I know that has one prefers it to a pitch black

    1. @Luis Napoles that’s very interesting. I like that fast pitch bc its just really continuous and controllable for my mid revs mid-high speed

  4. Really nice video Lou, very instructive. I ordered a Zen U. We will see how she does compared to my Purple Hammer.

  5. I mean for us bowlers that are allowed to use whatever ball we want, will the Zen U really replace the Purple Hammer? That’s the video comparison I want to see

    1. I’ve thrown both and I def see similarities but how many bowlers actually need more than one urethane ball

  6. I might buy me a Zen u with a high flare layout maybe buy it not sure I might stay with the motiv balls but the only 2 in my arsenal that are not motiv are my nib purple pearl urethane hammer and my favorite spare ball the radical spy

    1. @Luis Napoles well Saturday I found out it takes 3 seconds from the ball leaves my hand till it hits the head pin and the ball I put tape 6 inches out from the middle of my grip it made 13 full circles so I throw the ball 15 to 17 mph and have 260 revs

    2. If you wanna stick with Motiv and want that stronger urethane look, check out their new carbide tank. It’s not urethane but their mcp cover is very close. And the carbide is the strongest they have made yet.

  7. Great video, you talked about pba tournaments and idk when pba tournaments are or how they work but you should definitely record/vlog your experience. Keep up the good work!

  8. Luis are you wiping either balls off before each shot or straight throwing with the oil rings on covers building up. If so do you see an improvement on the backend not wiping off. ?

  9. For someone like you that gets your hand on top of the ball and has a relatively low rev rate the zen u is better bc of the hook potential when it’s in the oil vs someone like jesper playing the gutter with a pitch black bc of his high rev rate. Zen u does look like a ball you could add to your bag though 👍

    1. I’m in need of a ball that’ll work on burnt lanes or short/lighter oil. I got stuck on a burnt lane 2 weeks ago and I had nothing that would work. All over reacting. Reason for my view today.

  10. So far, I am not a fan of my Pitch Black. Seems to be a little inconsistent for me. Same shot, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes very heavy, sometimes very light. None of my reactive balls are like that. I bought it thinking it was going to blend the lane very well, definitely not the case for me.

  11. LN, you should cover bowling ball tracks and flare, etc. Most of us have their own unique track and flare. I know I have a really weird one. But I’d love to see your thoughts on it

  12. Pitch Black is my Urethane ball when I throw it straight I don’t like throwing resin balls straight unless it was a flat pattern if it was like a chort pattern like Viper for example anytime I throw resin balls like a Hy road I like standing my right foot on the middle dot for a far right as possible for resin balls straight anything further right that’s when I throw Urethane because of my style

  13. I have a Uc3 and a pitch black and Ordering a Zen U. Pitch black is my Favorite ever Urethane because it was my first ever Urethane to my game and I had it for 5 years. Just got a New Pitch Black and gave my old one to one of my league Bowlers.

  14. Luis if you need more backend motion just go to a shortish Pin to PAP layout with resin this gives a similar look with more continuation and way better carry. This type layout is great on short patterns with HP 1-2 level type balls and long patterns with HP 3-4 level balls.

    1. the problem is that short pin layouts dont work on short patterns they tend to overlook down one when compared to urethane

    2. @Luis Napoles Well for me they work great remember if needed you can add surface. Phase II with this type layout is a monster

  15. 8 Months ago, the Pitch Black was one of the 3 balls you always maintained in your tournament bag. The video is still available on Youtube. Yet here, you say “I don’t like the Pitch Black”, and “The Pitch Black and me just do not get along”. Have I misunderstood/misinterpreted something?

    1. 8 months ago is a very long time. Also me not getting along with a ball now doesn’t mean I didn’t then. My ball roll and rotation has changed drastically from that time to now. Now the pitch black rolls way to forward for me mostly because of how much more forward
      I am at release. Before I started working on my release I used to come way around the ball and stuff like the pitch black was great because it was early and still wanted to come around the corner a little. Bowling balls are tools and if we change the way we use them we might not match up to them anymore

  16. Is the Storm Pitch Black a PURE URETHANE coverstock thou? I have and still use (when lane conditions call for it) a 1990 Ebonite Turbo Urethane (RED). One place local to me is still natural wood lanes and that balls old tech matches up well for me there! I dont wipe off that ball between shots. Any other house or balls I do though!

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