Why Urethane Bowling Balls Are So Important In Your Arsenal! Storm Pitch Black & 900 Global Vintage!

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Todays video is an IMPORTANT one! We will be talking about why Urethane bowling balls are so important as well as what roll they serve in our arsenals!

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20 Comments on “Why Urethane Bowling Balls Are So Important In Your Arsenal! Storm Pitch Black & 900 Global Vintage!”

  1. Waiting patiently. I enjoy learning new stuff about bowling. And thanks for reccomending I get my balls fit checked. The thumb hole on my Black Widow Savage had to be refitted. Bowled my best game of 233 with it last Friday

  2. I hate throwing urethane, I own a Fast Pitch and it’s almost never reacting enough for me or it’s way over too much. Also as a two hander I have trouble holding onto it sometimes

  3. I’m glad to see this comparison video. I bought a Honey Badger Urethane a couple of years ago (but just drilled it) to see what all of this urethane commotion is about. That ball goes damn near perfectly straight for me. I carry it in my “practice bag” incase the lanes are so beat up you can’t practice on them. This video shows that not all of today’s urethane is created equal, so I may buy something else and give it a try.

  4. I’ve been throwing Urethane for 16 years now. Long enough to where it was popular then not popular back to popular again. Urethane is how I learned to bowl. When I’m struggling on league night and have no answers, I go get my trusty Pitch black and pound it up the 10 board around 17 mph. I just sit back and watch the pins fly. 😎

  5. Been thinking about getting a uc3 or something to that nature what would u recommend for a speed dominate player

  6. I’m New to Urethane and I’ve had awesome results ..it almost does the opposite of what you’d think it does ..and yet do exactly what you thought 💭 😆 if that makes sense ..I am a Purple Hammer fan for life !!!! #careermaker

  7. I don’t dislike Luis or urethane, but VERY FEW bowlers need it. It’s a way better idea just to make an adjustment. Unless you have a LOT of rotation matched up with a lot of ball speed, urethane stuff is either going to burn up and roll out (rotation dominant) or will skid and just BARELY get into hook phase (rotation challenged).

    I DO like how Luis said that urethane is better on sport conditions than house conditions. It’s funny, I see a lot of bowlers at my league throwing urethane, they’ll change balls then will struggle. You CAN throw a urethane ball on house shots, but once you start with it you must end with it too or else you’re practically bowling on a different condition.

  8. I’m convinced! I need to grab a pitch black. I dont own a urethane ball but should definitely try 1

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