9 Comments on “Why is HK22 on EVERYTHING?!”

  1. There is room for the “old” blend as well. We’ve found HK22 to be too clean and closer to shitty performance of Storm covers

    1. The GB series is more of meant for a slower benchmark reaction. Also, the GB series has kept the same GB coverstock base for years, just different versions. They went from GB 10.7 to GB 12.7 with the new GB5

  2. My first ball with the HK-22 is the BW 3.0, and I love it! But I am now looking for a ball down from that because some of the other houses in my area tend to have more friction, even on the fresh. I am working on being able to move further across the lane, but as a Speed dominate player, I am looking to have a ball that I can play a little straighter on the higher friction houses.

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