Why I Decided To Sign With 900 Global | No Longer A Free Agent!

In this video I will talk about why I decided to no longer be a free agent and sign a contract with 900 Global! I really believe this was the BEST decision for me and my YouTube channel!

Link to order a Reality:

Link to order an Altered reality:

Link to order a Zen:

Link to order a Wolverine:

Link to order anything else:

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12 Comments on “Why I Decided To Sign With 900 Global | No Longer A Free Agent!”

  1. You are correct about polishing that globall 900 Wolverine. It will have slow reaction on the friction.

  2. Welcome to the 900 Global Staff i personally think you match up well with the lineup they currently have out now!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new contract. I hate that it’s with storm only bc storm doesn’t fit my game well and I liked seeing your reviews.

  4. As soon as I saw the announcement I was like ” yeah , that makes sense ” hard to argue with everything they make giving you an excellent look.

  5. Congratulations. Hope they treat you well. Watched a guy almost shoot 800 with that altered reality. Ball looks great.

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