Why Does This Happen?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe #fail

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It’s like the 10 pin thinks I’m a joke!

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34 Comments on “Why Does This Happen?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe #fail”

  1. Dang 10 pins. I had a worse one Monday at league. Night clean looking hit which I thought was a great throw and left a 8, 10 split. lol I also had a 7/10 and a a big 4 that night. So wasn’t a great night lol

  2. How often do you resurface your balls? Now that I’m bowling almost weekly I’m noticing my infinite physix just isn’t hooking like it used to and I’ve probably got over 100 games on it.

  3. Last year I saw a post on Facebook with a elf on the shelf with a bottle of wood glue open beside the 10 pin and I will throw a awesome feeling shot and leave a 7 pin and I say the elf glued it down then tacked it down velcroed it down then super glued then finally used gorilla glue keeping the pin up

    1. @Luis Napoles I agree . I am surprised that the elf doesn’t bust up laughing when the 10 pin or 7 pin is standing up

  4. Looks like you get around the side just a bit, up the back I bet the ball drives through the pins a little stronger. Or just slightly slower ball speed with you hand position will get that ball a little more flush

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