Why Do People HATE Urethane Bowling Balls On House Shots & In League?!

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Why do people hate urethane on house shots and in league so much? The answer is pretty simple actually and I don't get why that is!

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27 Comments on “Why Do People HATE Urethane Bowling Balls On House Shots & In League?!”

  1. I’ve got a very long time teammate that throws Urethane 90% of the time. I still carry 210 + avg. I can see when he affects my shot and I move as needed.

    1. awesome you adjust because you know how and he is scoring more because urethane fits his game best

    2. @Charles Gerlach yeah not everyone can adjust. I know I ruined my anchor’s average for awhile while using my Pitch Black a couple of years ago.

  2. I bowl on a league where they do birthday parties before and don’t oil the lanes before my league. I’ve shot as high as 300 and as low as 130. Every week is different depending on ho many plastic balls get thrown down the lane and where the carry down is. Last week was a struggle averaging 178 and the week before I averaged 231.

  3. Could you talk them into letting you show the carry down accumulation after rolling urethane for a few games like just how the dry boards look before and after?

  4. few weeks ago my teammate was using a urethane. he actually created hold for me. if people get mad at others using urethane it means they cannot adjust to it.

  5. Great video Luis, looking forward to part 2. I will use urethane if it looks like the best option at the time, especially if I am in a tournament setting (I am scoring for me not my opponent)LOL. In response to the haters, just learn to play inside of the person that is throwing urethane if you want to keep throwing resin…Easy peasy!

  6. Comes down to a few whiners on the national level that are influencing all the other whiners. Bowling has become stand all the way right or left throw it out as far as you can cause you know it will come back.

  7. Completely agree with adjusting to the carrydown. The entire point of the sport is adjusting to changing lane conditions. Complaining about carrydown, which is just one of many potential adjustments just like reactive balls sucking up all the oil, is actual stupidity.

  8. if you had walked down the isle to the left of the lane you could probably have seen the oil carry-down on the backends.

  9. Great video as always. I love the shape of the pitch black going down the lane. Used to have a fast pitch but found that it was super clean and didn’t come off the pattern as well as the pitch black.

    Also I think the reason why people hate urethane, or at least the people I’ve encountered at my local house, is because they usually start/stand in the same spot and move left at the same time and have a “routine”. Urethane breaks up their routine and makes them adjust in ways they aren’t comfortable with or aren’t used to

  10. started throwing my pink hammer last week in league and it looked awesome for about a game and a half – then followed it with a collision on the same line and scored big with that for about 6 frames. Finished with a pin down obssesion tour peal with almost the same line and it looked great. All said moved about 6 boards left from start to finish and went from urethane – to super strong and finished with more of a control pearl. Very happy with the combo.

  11. I use it when it is in play, but you best believe it is always on the rack. A large percentage of people in my league get pissy just seeing it. All of the guys on my team now have a urethane ball for the one night we play a certain team. >:)

  12. Your shot looks a ton better since my last comment, you still look like you’re going to fall, but you’re not stopping and wasting a ton of momentum

  13. Went against a team that only threw hammer urethane balls old and new. My only adjustment through 2 full games was move half a step back every 2 frames to kick out the 10 pin. Game 3 was when i started moving left with the same amount of distance back. I use a 3000 grit Phaze 4 as my benchmark ball as a 2 hander. It helped that they were throwing urethane in a good grouping so I was able to play their carry down while each of them were struggling with dealing with each others’ carry down. Shot a 736 series that night and missed 3 10 pins cuz wasn’t focused.

  14. The lanes have to be sparking a lot to use urethane on a house shot. I would rather go to a low end reactive like a Hustle or Electrify. Just don’t get the same carry with urethane. A friend of mine always starts whining when people use urethane. He is not comfortable moving right and playing up the lane. When urethane is in play he stands too far left and then whines when his ball fizzles out on its way into the pocket. 😅

  15. Great content!! Have been waiting for a video like this. I grew up using urathane (fab nail, wine u dot)and plastic ( yellow dot) I’ve watched guys throw a fit and ask me not to throw urethane on house shot. I throw what works!!!

  16. havent sued urethane in ages. i just dont have a use for it currently im sure it would be smart to grab one but currently not something i would use alot

  17. If you have 8-10 bowlers on a pair, one person throwing urethane is not doing enough damage to affect anyone. The other 7-9 bowlers throwing resin are changing the lanes much more. It’s in people’s heads.

    There are two ways to generally attack a house shot throwing urethane. One, play the oil line straight. Two, swing it to the outside/gutter like you would on a short pattern. For the former, you use that line as hold as a reactive player. For the latter, the goal is to get the urethane to the friction early enough to create the proper shape. It’s going to be earlier than any reactive breakpoint almost always. So it shouldn’t affect anyone throwing resin.

    People get in their heads and/or don’t pay attention. Most of the time, you can actually take advantage of those throwing urethane – especially on a house shot.

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