Which “Tour” Bowling Ball Is Better??

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The word Tour gets thrown around a lot with bowling balls but one thing you cant deny is that when a ball has the word Tour in its name is gonna be a good one!

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22 Comments on “Which “Tour” Bowling Ball Is Better??”

  1. Enjoyed the video as always. I agree that the new one is stronger by a tad which is good. Did I hear right that Chris stones is not on your league team

  2. Love both these balls. I think I would lean IQ just for the scent and the clean nature. Helps a bit more on house shots where you typically always need to clear the front.

  3. I think the tour dynamics allowed you more forgiveness , but both excellent balls . Nice 300 too ! Nothing but strikes

  4. I have an I q tour that I just got few weeks ago Anybody have any suggestions on what’s the best surface to keep it on for house shot

    1. That TOTALLY depends on the lanes and your style. Personally, I love mine @3000. Picks up a tad sooner and a little smoother backend

  5. So, having recently purchased my 4th IQTOUR solid before Nats, and seeing how these balls are so close to each other, I’m not seeing a burning need for a second benchmark ball in my bag. That said, the IQTOUR was clearly earlier, smoother, and more arc-shaped, while the Tour Dynam-x was later, also
    smootb, but more angular due to the assym core. Additionally, this appeared to be what allowed the Tour Dynam-x to recover on misses right, while it was no bueno when the missing right with the IQTOUR.

    If you don’t already own an IQTOUR, there are two ways you can look at this ball choice:

    If your release typically require more help from the ball, or your house shot has a heavier volume or is a bit longer, then the Tour Dynamic-x will give you a bit more forgiveness and miss room.

    If you’re a rev-dominant bowler and don’t want or need that angularity, the IQTOUR would probably be a better shape for you.

    Still, it’s nice to see an assym benchmark ball and both from the SPI family, to boot!

    Last thought…..I wonder if these two balls would be a great 1-2 punch on sport shots…..think about it……

  6. TD is just a pinch earlier and smoother overall from what I’ve seen which makes sense. Hope this ball stays in the line for a long time, as I assume it’s going to be a good choice on tougher patterns

  7. This is what I was talking about. You have to jump around to different parts of the vid to see the difference (not knocking, we all have days where we are kinda all over). But you look at a few comparing at the typical breakpoint out around the 10 board its easier to see/notice with your rev rate/vid. The Dynam-X breaks sharp (due to the asym) and its almost like it “speeds” up after it breaks (the core rights itself). Now compare that to the IQ Tour when it breaks its almost like it pauses/is going in slow motion and is a smooth “rolly” motion into the pocket. This is the exact motion I noticed when I threw them in comparison. That’s what I’m talking about these balls rolling different. This roll gets more dramatic/noticeable as the Rev is increased and/or type of pattern. You can play the same area of the lane with both for the most part yes. Lower rev players on a THS or Fresh pattern may gravitate towards the Asym to help them get to the pocket, vs higher rev will still gravitate towards the IQ Sym for the smooth nature. But in particular the way the IQ moves when it breaks and seems to “slow or pause” almost like its in slow motion makes it one of if not the easiest ball to read that may have ever been produced, its definitely up there for sure. The predictability and motion is why the ball has been around so long and will never be replaced. Another case in point is when you tugged the ball and it was rolling closer to the pocket or moved in and slowed them down. You got lucky on 1 or 2 shots w/the Dynam-X where you would hope it would “hold” and then all of a sudden it snaps and is going through the face/very high flush. If the lanes are tighter those hits can get you in trouble real quick leaving 4-8’s, 4-10’s or maybe lucky to just get a 4 pin. vs. the IQ would want to actually lay a bit more. Like I said I can see depending on your house/rev rate, the oil condition so on and so on and argument to use either ball and not knocking the Dynam-X, but they do NOT roll the same.

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