Which Symmetrical Pearl Is BEST?!? 900 Global Wolverine vs 900 Global Zen (The Goat)

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Todays video we have an in depth comparison between the 900 Zen which is easily the best ball of the year to the all new 900 Wolverine!

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15 Comments on “Which Symmetrical Pearl Is BEST?!? 900 Global Wolverine vs 900 Global Zen (The Goat)”

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  2. I think some videos on helping people pick the right ball would help. It’s not a perfect science but I have a hell of a time figuring out which balls to use. Maybe something describing what’s good for higher/lower speed and higher/lower rev players???

  3. Both are great. I really like the motion from the wolverine. Seems like, you have to throw it to the friction for it to come alive. When/are we going to see a Hyroad show up?

  4. Thank you for such great reviews and honesty. I have the Zen and still take it everywhere I go. I will be buying the Wolverine upon release with the Altered Reality. I feel like the Wolverine will be better getting threw the heads going a little longer down lane were the Zen picks up in the mids better with a strong line to the pocket. At least that’s what I feel without throwing both balls together

  5. Thank you for putting out all of these awesome ball reviews and other content. I watch every single one of your videos

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