Which Storm Bowling Ball Is The GOAT?!

Storm currently has a poll on their website asking people which of the these four bowling balls ( Phaze 2, !Q Tour Solid, Hyroad & Pitch Black) is the greatest ball they have ever made! All four of these bowling balls have been around for years and are still available!

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27 Comments on “Which Storm Bowling Ball Is The GOAT?!”

  1. Love the Phaze 2 and getting another one to replace my Axiom solid, which is burned out. Question I have is I am interested in the Hyroad Pearl / Storm Gem. After watching Luis review (Gem vs Proton Physix) I have the Proton so not really “smart” to get the Gem–at this time, so switching interest on the Hyroad. I have the Zen, so is it wise to get the Hyroad?

  2. I’m in love with the hy-road on the house shot. Miss left and the ball seems to carry to the pocket and miss right and ball comes back with tons of power. I also love how the ball continues to drive after getting into the roll instead of flattening out.

  3. I have a phase 2 that I never drilled. It is a 14 I picked it up for cheap for my son in law as I throw 15 lb balls. He has not ever got it and I was thinking about drilling it. I do not have the others But if I had to guess the hyroad will take the #1

  4. I love !Q Tour solid is my favorite bowling ball and is the real goat bowling ball from storm

  5. Phaze2, IQ TS, Hy-Road, PitchBlack … add an asym-pearl + spareball and you have a great arsenal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. I just recently got a phase 2 I can see why it’s in the conversation my favorite ball from storm all time is The Invasion though

  7. seems you like the iq so much you just throw it faster and better overall. I’d say the p2 is still the better ball if you would just throw it with authority like you do with the iq

  8. Can’t go wrong with any of them in the proper situation. My Vote would be for the Hy-Road since it has literally outsold every single other bowling ball ever produced, bar maybe the Widows as a series. So therefore has made Storm the most money πŸ’Έ

  9. I only own the Hyroad and Pitch Black so I can’t say. I find it odd that no pearl ball made the list! So, are lanes 1-2 getting inspected for excessive friction? Doubtful!! lol

  10. I actually have the hy road
    And the iq tour in my bag. The hy road is my goat. I love that ball but the iq is my second.

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