Which Pearl Bowling Ball Will Be The BEST?! Storm Phaze 4 vs Storm Spectre!

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This video is a battle between two GREAT pearl bowling balls from Storm! The Phaze 4 and the Spectre!

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5 Comments on “Which Pearl Bowling Ball Will Be The BEST?! Storm Phaze 4 vs Storm Spectre!”

  1. Can’t waaaaaait!!!! Still on the fence between adding the Phaze 4 or the Spectre to my arsenal. Leaning more towards the Phaze 4 so far!

  2. Love the video! Not surprised by what I saw though, it just seems that R2S pearl is better from straighter with the exception of the Hy-Road pearl, Trend was definitely better from straighter and so was the IQ Emerald if you ever got a chance to throw one of those. I’d probably go with the Spectre for my game because I’m not the biggest fan of R2S pearl and as a lefty I rarely see enough transition to where I would need R2S pearl balls

  3. Any thoughts on comparing them the black widow ghost pearl? I’ve been loving it as a low rev lefty pretty new to the game.

  4. I’d love to see a comparison between the Spectre and the Zen. Both are symetrical and pearl. Different RG & Diff’s and of course the cover formulas are different too.

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