Which New Roto Grip Hustle Is Right For YOU?! Hustle RIP | Hustle MM

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Which new Roto Grip Hustle is right for you? Todays video we are comparing the Hustle RIP and The Hustle MM so see if we can help you make that decision easier!

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25 Comments on “Which New Roto Grip Hustle Is Right For YOU?! Hustle RIP | Hustle MM”

  1. I tried searching for your always be hooping channel but nothing comes up. Link also not working for me.

  2. Huge fan of the hustle line. Still use my 3TP and it’s bailed me out more times than I could count. Got my eye on that RIP as a replacement. Great video as always, Luis!

  3. Rip definitely looks earlier by a little and a rounder shape. M&M is a hockey stick. Shove it right and watch it shoot back

  4. They both look good. I’d like to see you do a vid with both of those on a little bit more volume of oil to see how they perform. Thanks again.

    1. I’ve got the hustle USA and Camo. My Camo don’t hardly hook and I use it in dryer lanes and my USA hooks alot though can be used on medium oil when oil breaks down for me anyway

    2. @Jeremy Greene interesting, I wonder if its because I have a really high axis tilt that my USA doesn’t hook much

    3. @Hotpockitrockit I’m not sure. I had mine drilled to be a transition ball and i can almost play throwing it to the right angle back to the pocket from the left side of the lane. It works great for me for transition and hooks alot. I’m not sure about my axis tilt but my revs is about 350-400 and speed is 11-13 mph.

  5. The MM was so smooth and controlled. So much better ball reaction. Chris was really toying with that one board!
    Hey Lou, have you bowled Nationals yet? Just curious.

  6. As with all Hustles, it’s all about shelf appeal, the sexier they look, the better they roll

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