Which Light Oil Bowling Ball Will Be The Best? Storm Electrify Solid vs Roto Grip Hustle Camo

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In this video we are comparing the Storm Electrify Solid and the Roto Grip Hustle Camo! These bowling balls are two of the better light oil options on the market! The surface on them has been adjusted to 2000 grit finish!

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Link to Electrify Solid review:

Link to Hustle Camo review:

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9 Comments on “Which Light Oil Bowling Ball Will Be The Best? Storm Electrify Solid vs Roto Grip Hustle Camo”

  1. Got both Es, camo getting ordered tomorrow, and I pre-ordered the nova… just a comment for Mr Al. Gorythem… 😆

    1. Hey I appreciate that!!! He really likes it when there’s comments and engagement! Which is why I respond to all the comments!

  2. got a Hustle Wine and Wolverine that i need to get drilled, but working with my pro shop guy to go from no thumb to thumb in.

  3. Looks like the Camo picks up a touch sooner and a bit smoother. The Electrify is a touch cleaner, and a bit more sensitive to the dry.

  4. In most of Tang’s league night videos he complains about the racks there at South Point almost every week. What’s your take on the racks there? It’s hard to tell on camera, and I’ve never actually paid that much attention to how racks look in person, though I do notice if it’s really bad.

  5. The Electrify Solid is super good when you can throw it to the gutter. Absolutely love mine. Drives through the pins really well and I have had a couple really nice sets with it so far.

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