12 Comments on “What’s your preferred line? Leave a comment ⬇️ #MOTIVNATION”

  1. Everyones answer should be straighter. But you should be comfortable wheeling it when you need to. Which you will be need to very often if you bowl competitively.

  2. I like straighter, but only when I can get length on the pattern. I hate urethane, so I can’t play straight very often. But when I can… ain’t no one stopping me. That being said I shot 568 with a total of about 10 splits standing on 46 and throwing it out to 4 the other day, so I can fs wheel it if I have to (and I was the high man on the pair by about 50 btw. The lanes were biting so hard for me that I had to play such an extreme angle. Anything left would go through the nose, anything right would wash out.)

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