Whats The Difference Between Pin Up and Pin Down | In Depth Guide!

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Whats the difference between a bowling ball drilled pin up and pin down? Today we are going to cover that with the 900 Global Eternity Pi!

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14 Comments on “Whats The Difference Between Pin Up and Pin Down | In Depth Guide!”

  1. Your backswing doesnt start coming down until youre already on your final step/sliding. It seems forced. Do you muscle your downswing to catch your arm up with your feet a lot?
    Edit: your trailing leg is very high also, keeping your trialing leg lower (towards like 7 o’clock) will help a lot.

  2. That’s a very helpful video 😀👍. I’m starting to try pin down layouts. Now I know exactly how to evaluate them

  3. I’ve tried to watch a lot of videos on this. This one made it way more clear on the difference. Considering buying myself another IQ tour and drilling it pin down. Thanks for this.

  4. Great video! Thanks for explanation. So if we bowl on a lane with a lot of oil…should I bowl with a pin up or pin down? I would guess there is more to the answer depending on many other factors but based on responding quick to friction a pin up would be the one to start with?

  5. I normally let my pro shop guy choose. He knows my game so I trust his judgment. Looking at my equipment, most of the balls are pin next to fingers.

  6. At what point in building an arsenal should you add pin down? What type of core/cover combination is best suited for pin down, and how does that differ from just having a balanced mix of sym/asym & solid/pearl/hybrid, etc.?

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