Whats The Difference Between A Solid, Pearl & A Hybrid Bowling Ball?! Featuring The Zens!

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On todays video we are going over the differences between a Solid a pearl and a hybrid bowling ball! Hopefully this educational style video helps you learn a little something from the overstock designators!

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23 Comments on “Whats The Difference Between A Solid, Pearl & A Hybrid Bowling Ball?! Featuring The Zens!”

  1. Hey Luis saw you today at Suncoast walked up said hello and I watch the vids super cool meeting you forgot to let you know I shot 698 scratch for 3 games for sweepers have 12 pins handicap so shot 734 very cool too meet you tho 💯🙌

  2. Thank you Luis for all of the good videos! These have been helpful since I recently got back into bowling. I hope you’re having a great day!

    1. @Luis Napoles I do have a question. I currently have both the Zen Master at 3000, and the Zen at 1500. I am going to buy the Zen Soul to complete the trilogy. Would you recommend getting all three at the same finish?

  3. The only thing I would say would be get the Camera a tick more left so you get a little more straighter look

  4. Your my #1 fav bowing channel. I just bowled a 275 with a phaze 2. Just bought my second ball a Hyroad! I think my next ball is going to be a weaker ball so I can play around 10, any suggestions?

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