What’s the adjustment here? #shorts #bowling #subscribe

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What’s the adjustment here? Throwing the all new Storm Absolute!

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45 Comments on “What’s the adjustment here? #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

  1. In this case I’d go with straighter is greater probably move right 2-3 boards and see what’s up from there.

  2. The spin back into the middle is to sudden at the end causing the angle that the ball strikes the pen to not aligned with a perfect strike

  3. It looked like you missed outside if you didn’t I’d move right one or back up an inch or 2. Appreciate you

  4. Assuming you hit all the marks you intended, your moves could be 1 and 1 right, or just 1 board right with your feet. I have also seen a half board right with my feet start to cover the 10.

  5. flatter hand. hit it harder. slow down. move right. lay down earlier. move back on approach. eyes left. and if none of that works, keep throwing it until the lanes come to you. lots of options, whatever is easiest to maintain consistency

  6. Obviously it’s hooking so I would move left both feet and target because I think your breakpoint can be tighter.

  7. Ball finished a tad late…1/2 board right with your feet…move eyes at target about 6” closer to the foul line…should let you get into a roll earlier and close the angle.

  8. Ball is hooking up behind the head pin need to get the ball to read sooner. Back up move a little right slow down or hit it harder whatever you’re most comfortable with

  9. I slowed ur video down. You hit the pocket well. The 3 pen hit the 6 pen like it was supposed to. Just the six pen went around the 10 pen. Only thing I can say, maybe give it a little bit for finger and hope that can change how u hit the 1/3 pen. But it was a great shot

  10. Move back on approach. The line is fine it just needs a little more contact on the lane to get higher into the pocket. It’s coming in too light and 6 pin in going in front of te ten instead of driving. Back 2 inches

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