What’s The Adjustment For This? #shorts #bowling #subscribe #qotd

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Help! What’s the adjustment for this hit?!

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39 Comments on “What’s The Adjustment For This? #shorts #bowling #subscribe #qotd”

  1. with my hyroad x. I would move a board or 2 maybe 3 to the right and move my eyes in 1 board and it usually works

  2. Prolly try and move my angle in front of me a scosh. Ball is just floating downlane a touch too much but the ball motion isn’t bad.

  3. If it was me I’d start by 1/2 board right, if that didn’t work then another 1/2 board right, exact same target and ball.

    1. @Luis Napoles I try to keep it all simple. On my house shot, I’ve found 1board = ~1pin. It looked like you hit a little light so 1/2 board usually does the trick (for me)

  4. You have an alignment issue that causes you to miss right way too often. Get with a coach, Jasnow, Shady, somebody. You are in Vegas for crying out loud, great coaches up the Yin Yang. Get it done!

  5. More ball roll…less axis rotation. Ball will read earlier, and drive through the pins better from that angle.

  6. i feel like you dont freewheel the back swing into release its too controlled and not dynamic get way more revs and hit just my opinion i do the same thing

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