Whats In The Bag?! Accessory Edition!

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Today we are going over what accessories I bring with me to bowling every single time!

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41 Comments on “Whats In The Bag?! Accessory Edition!”

  1. I have three or four different kinds of vise feel tape and a cheap tape tool, rosin bag, slide powder bag, new skin, skin patches, a towel, a few shammys, and a bunch of sanding pads.

  2. Every item u carry plus I also carry single use alcohol squares to make sure my finger/back of thumb tape stick their best plus good to clean out thumb hole if it gets tacky from tape removal. I have the Storm 3 ball rolling thunder bag so it all fits nicely in its pockets. I use the small turbo zippered accessory bag to hold my reguraly used items like thumb tapes, alcohol swabs, scissors, tape insert tool, etc. Oh and the most important item for a big sweaty man, my RYOBI BATT. POWERED FAN! Never ever bowl without it lol

    1. I keep my pads at home unless I need them for a tournament, I dont use cleaner I use abralon pads LOL

  3. Ball cleaners and surface adjusters, rosin bags and new skin, some shoe slides, shoe covers, a massage gun, KT tape, shoe brush, shoes, and a spare change of clothes just in case a tournament doesn’t allow my current attire

  4. I also keep my ball cleaners (ReactaFoam & ReactaSkuff) plus a supply of microfiber towels for post game cleaning, ziplock bag of wet wipes w/ added hand sanitizer for quick hand cleaning.

  5. Pretty much the same, only thing I have on me is some microfiber towels and my ball cleaner for post bowling cleaning,new skin just in case U never know, and I keep the Abralon sanding pads with me, I keep one of each on me 1k,2k,3k

  6. Same except I have my abralon pads. My cleaners are in one of my bags. I also keep my bowling journal in my back pack. This video just reminded me I need a new ball cup. For the last few weeks of league I keep looking for it to put my spare ball on and then am like oh ya I smashed it lol

  7. Where are your serface pads? Also id get another tool. Mine just broke after 2 months. Jopos been rough so far.

  8. Ball cleaner, accessory bag, first aid kit, KT Tape, extra slide soles, shammy and towels. I also keep hand sanitizer and hand lotion.

  9. I always have a slide pouch with me. I’ve stuck on approaches way too often to not have it. Also, it really helps if your thumb is swelling up on you more than usual.

  10. There are a few bowling accessories that I keep in my bag in addition to what you carry, but you forgot to include one of the most important things! That is, multiple small airplane drink sized bottles of bourbon….for emergencies, ya know???

  11. You keep more bowling related stuff than me, but I keep most of that stuff, a set of abralon pads (500/1000/2000) and a weed vape pen 😂

  12. Just out of curiosity why did you switch from nexus bowling bag? was it just due to size?

  13. In addition to what you showed I also keep a nail clipper and file kit with tweezers, extra pair of socks, sanding pads, bevel knife, grip remover, extra grips and super glue. scotch bright pad cut into thin strips for removing thumb tape residue or other cleaning uses, most importantly Advil and Tums!

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