Whats In My Bag For The 2022 USBC Open Championships! Preparing For Bowling Nationals!

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Bowling nationals is one of the hardest tournaments of the year! The USBC Open Championships is right around the corner and today we are going to be bowling on the 2021 Team Oil pattern to get ready for this tournament!

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9 Comments on “Whats In My Bag For The 2022 USBC Open Championships! Preparing For Bowling Nationals!”

  1. Would you ever think of making a ball video with the pitch purple I would be very interested in seeing how it looks when you throw it

  2. Luis do you online coach people or recommend anyone ??
    Going to Vegas mid July to Bowl first time ever there for the tournament.

  3. kinda surprised to not see a zen in your bag for nationals any reason why not? or the wolverine spectre look better for you?

  4. Command solid , command pearl 2k grit , zenith hybrid, hammer scorpion, c300 power torque. Track kinetic and fatal venom tied. Then black widow purple urethane, purple hammer , and u- motion or desert tank.

  5. May add the new mythic jackal if it come in on time and can get some practice in with it..may take the zenith hybrid place

  6. Funny I’ve always scored better long term with”hard” shots than the supposed easy house, most players locally screw house up so bad so fast your playing wall of death coin toss after 1 and then move to gutter on left at 3 but second game is fukn nightmare fuel. I’m going to break out uc3 tonight and see if I can’t break out from that… good stuff as always bro

  7. Hey Luis I am 75 and I throw the ball about 10.5 to 11 miles an hour what balls would you recommend that I take to the Nationals in March

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