Whats in My Bag For League?! How To Build An Arsenal For League!

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In this video I will go over what three balls make it to league with me on a week to week basis! Enjoy!!

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50 Comments on “Whats in My Bag For League?! How To Build An Arsenal For League!”

  1. My current 3 ball bag is Venom Shock, Tank Blitz, and Desert Tank. The Shock is usually too aggressive in my house. The Blitz is my goto ball, but when the Blitz is moving too early or isn’t looking right, the Desert Tank takes over.

  2. Mine is the jackal legacy, that is my tank first ball to come out use it for 3 games. Then I take out my forge solid play it in the same spot as the jackal, when that over hooks then I get my VIP affliction and play from the same spot. My game allows me to only have to move 1 or 2 times playing on the right side of the dots.

    1. Dam!! Lucky you!! At league I usually find myself myself moving 15-16 boards throughout the night!

  3. Forge Fire, Venom Shock, Jackal Rising.. I have an VIP Affliction on its way. My EJ VIP do not match up well. I have to give it a lot of hand or throw it super slow to get it to react. Stil learning my Jackal Flash. I am think of getting the Horizon and have my 3 ball bag all Hybrids.

  4. My current current three-ball arsenal is the Rip Cord flight, Venom shock and the Supra. The shot here is pretty light and there’s a lot of friction, even on the left side. If I try to throw anything stronger I have to get into a part of the lane that I am not comfortable playing, for now. I am trying to work on playing the inside and swinging it out.

  5. I take all 6 balls to my leagues. Never know whats going to happen each night. 2 different houses.
    Jackal Legacy
    VIP Affliction
    Trident Horizon
    Ripcord Flight
    Venom Shock and
    Desert Tank

    1. Most places that’s usually not necessary, but at the place I bowl at you never know what your going to get, doesn’t hurt to be prepared

  6. I bowl league at Santa Fe lanes my 3 ball arsenal is the VIP Affliction , Venom Shock , Tank Blitz and spare ball the Purple Tank I feel with this setup I can bowl anywhere in Vegas

    1. Oh nice!! You know I’ve never bowled on the house shot at Santa Fe. Every time I’ve bowled there has been on a pattern lol

    2. I bowled at Texas with you and Justin Kochley you would kill the house shot here with your Desert Tank

  7. Wait…Desert Tank is your all time favorite and always kept it with you so how is that not in your arsenal? Or is this video only showcasing balls still in production then?

    1. Arsenals change and this is only a three-ball setup. If it was a six-ball arsenal, pretty sure the Desert would be there.

    2. I just don’t take my deserts to league now since they are discontinued. I wanna preserve it for tournaments lol daddy ball comes with me when it counts 💯

  8. Interesting choice on the Fatal, as house shots have a tendency to get really ugly sometimes and the fatal can be played tighter much easier than the supra. But the question remains: Is motiv really discontinuing the Microcell balls right now?

    1. As of right now yea we don’t have any microcell balls 😭 I’m hoping we come back to it at some point

    1. It’s nice to sometimes have the whole lane to myself. Also, not having to make so many adjustments.

  9. What made you pick the Fatal Venom over the Venom Shock? Also, surprised the desert tank isn’t there either. lol

    1. Shock and desert go with me to every tournament or when we bowling something that matters! I went with the fatal because I wanted something with a clean clean cover that’s going to shape

    2. @MotivLou Now I’m more of a novice bowler. Whats the difference from “league”’ to a “tournament” and why does one matter or the other?

    3. @XenoGears 51 Just way more money involved in tournaments so I wanna save my really good stuff for that LOL

  10. If I had to narrow down to 3, it would be the Jackal Ghost, Venom Shock, and Magenta Thrill. I also carry my Horizon, Affliction, and Short-Pin Forge Flare.

  11. I haven’t narrowed my arsenal down but I throw the legacy, forge fire, horizon, ghost, venom shock, fatal venom and full roller Golden jackal

  12. First out the bag: Venom Shock. Best benchmark ball period. It will tell you where to go from there. Second ball: Trident Horizon. As predictable as the Shock but will read sooner if you need something stronger up front. Third ball: Fatal Venom. Again, predictable and you can count on the length with plenty of backend. When the lanes open up you still want a ball that’s controllable not one that will over-hook. On lanes with more hook I prefer controllable balls that will allow me to stay as far right as possible because moving left means more work on your part.

    1. @MotivLou I look at it as my right hand and right foot are attached with a string as I begin my approach. A coach taught me this years ago when I was still youth bowling. Stuck with me 18 years later.

  13. I actually have four and I use them in tournaments too. Forge flare, Forge Fire, Fatal venom, Thrill.

  14. The lanes I bowl on are so wet/dry. I use Tank blitz, VIP EXJ, thrill and Arctic sniper. And it’s pretty bad when I use my sniper and a 200+ game with it. Lol

  15. If I weren’t a scummy two hander and could get away with not having a spare ball, I’d go Blitz, Fatal, Desert. But, with reality being what it is, my Sniper, Desert, and Fatal are the 3 that go with me now.

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