What’s In My Bag For League?! | Current League Arsenal!

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In this video I go over what my current league arsenal is as of 2 months ago LOL Footage was taken a while ago! Three different bowling ball companies featured in this video!

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14 Comments on “What’s In My Bag For League?! | Current League Arsenal!”

    1. I made that list a few weeks ago but since bowling that regional and seeing how good the Zen looked there I am gonna have to say the Zen went from not top 5 to number 1 lol I’ll throw it in league tonight!

    2. There isn’t any one in are leagues that has the zen but from the reviews I ha e seen its looks like a really good ball

  1. Out of curiosity which ball do you like more Trend or Trend 2? I really loved the shape of my trend but it always went just a little long for me. Haven’t gotten the Trend 2 but I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  2. I love the free agent look. I started out with a few gifted balls but now am more a Motiv head with whats in my bag and what i am looking at for my next balls.

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