4 Comments on “What Weight Should You Use? | #RadicalRundown”

  1. I roll 14 thru 16. It took a really long time to get used to 14, but now they all feel the same. I will typically warm up with a 14, bowl for score with the 16 or 15, depending on what the conditions are, and if it’s a really long block, I will switch to 14 as fatigue sets in.

    1. @@kevinquick4844 consistency was a challenge using 14 lbs at first. But after figuring it out, if I miss a mark, it certainly isn’t the weight of the ball causing it.

  2. My wife went from a 13lb ball to a 14 and she actually likes how it feels much better. She has converted to using her strike ball for spares because the extra weight allows her to stay on line more…..

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