What Surface To Use & WHEN? – #RadicalRundown

We're back with the #RadicalRundown!

This week, we're talking about surface and when to use more and when to use less. What do you look for when going to prep your equipment for the given lane pattern?

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6 Comments on “What Surface To Use & WHEN? – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Good thing I’m on CTD staff, I never really have to guess what surface I’m putting on my ball, which makes it so easy when I do need to change surface. Great discussions as always! Love hearing people talk bowling no matter what it’s about.

  2. I am just a house bowler, but find it amazing how people will leave 10 pin after 10 pin and not do anything different and complain about it. 95% of the time I leave a 10 pin I pretty much know I am.

    1. If I’m throwing it good and I’m leaving 10 pin after 10 pin and moving doesnt work, it’s the wrong ball to be throwing.

  3. I just wish i could start on fresh up 3rd arrow then move left half a board per shot. instead I have to start at 4th arrow and move about a board each shot. Or fill my bag with plastic. I guess maybe i should try some urethane for 3rd arrow lol. 42 foot modified main street 6 to 1 26 mil. even on tungsten I have to start left of 3rd arrow. Thats with polish. anything below 3000 grit and my balls hook at the arrows and roll half the lane past the head pin at 14 mph sprinting to the line. If i could throw it 20 mph I would be happy too lol.

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