What Is The Difference Between A Bowling Ball Drilled Pin Up & Pin Down | In Depth Guide

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Today we are talking about the differences between drilling a bowling ball pin up and pin down. What does it do to the ball reaction? How should you drill your bowling ball? This is an in depth guide on all things pin up and pin down.

Balls featured ate the Storm Marvel S (pin down) and 900 Global Black Ops (pin up)

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45 Comments on “What Is The Difference Between A Bowling Ball Drilled Pin Up & Pin Down | In Depth Guide”

  1. I’m glad you got the explanation correct. There’s a lot of misinformation out here that pin up balls “go longer” and pin down “”hooks early” it’s not 1996 anymore guys

    1. I realized this when I had my IQ Tour Fusion drill pin down. My pro shop guy told me I would regret it, I was nuts, the ball would roll too early. Mo Pinel told me otherwise. This was 2014, just got Bronze certified and had many of my own ideas. He was stunned when he saw how long and smooth the ball was. He stuck to his guns and I changed drillers.
      Happy to see more youtubers crushing this myth with the correct Tech information.

    2. @Dan Hoagland it’s a shame these guys are still in business. If any PSO tells you pin down hooks early take your business elsewhere

  2. Hey Luis! Great video once again! Would love to see a comparison between the absolute and nova in the future

  3. Which layout would offer the most down lane continuation through the pins for slower speed bowlers? Pin-up upper-mid, or an early strong high-end ball (Proton Physix, Gem)?

  4. Should also do one on the difference between pin down and RICO. Here in Phoenix, where oil is rare. I was sent 3 Zens. Pin up, pin down and RICO. I remember RICO with urethane balls for nationals. Never even crossed my mind to do it on a reactive assym. Glad I did.

    1. The problem with “RICO” is that pin in palm with cg 45 degrees is not a layout and will yield a different result for everyone

  5. Order your Widow 2.0 Hybrid (Its available Feb 17th) and do a 3 ball review… Widow 2.0, Ghost Pearl Widow, Widow 2.0 Hybrid… your release is just like mine. So I like using your release a guide to how my throws will go on standard house shots! I still roll 250s with my widow 2.0 and the ghost pearl is amazing as well. I am really interested to see what this hk22 coverstock and the aggression polish works…!

    1. He’s a 900 Global Staffer, restricted to Storm, Roto, and 900 Global. He can’t do Brunswick family balls so no Hammer, Track, Columbia, Ebonite, Brunswick, DV8, or Radical. BUT, maybe one of his buddies can. I don’t know for sure.

    2. I’ve had the ghost pearl for about a year and a half. Love it to death. I’m trying to look for a possible replacement for it because one of my league teammates is interested in it.

    3. @dragonman910 the Widow Ghost is still in production. You can get another one easily if you need to replace your current ghost.

    4. So I would love to make that comparison but I am on staff with Global so I cant make that happen but MAYBE I can get some B7 staffers here in town to make a video!

    5. @Luis Napoles That would be awesome. I didn’t know you were officially affiliated with anyone… I thought you were independent. My apologies. If you could arrange that comparison… I know it would be extremely well received and viewed. The Widow Hybrid is about to change the game… I have already ordered mine.. It will be here next week… I have local pro who I know that can get things really early. All I can say is this ball is the complete package for all bowlers.

      The Widow Pearl was just the beginning.

  6. I love pin down balls more then pin up . My old marvel s, pin down IQ tour solid were my big threw them all the time perfect 1-2 punch , my hyroad x has the same layout that my dad’s 2nd hyroad had pin under middle finger and I love it because how it is core and cover with layout good for later games and turns hard off friction. But pin up has only been one ball the zero gravity from storm mass bias next to thumb pin above middle finger and god I threw that ball So much it broke from use and age (# 7 years)and I was able to play left gutter to right gutter with feet and knew what it would do from every spot on the lanes wood and synthetic lanes

  7. Nice video ! Should use 2 of the same ball, 1 drilled pin up and 1 drilled pin down. You could then see the difference in motion and also show off the flare lines on the ball. Pin up flares will be more spaced apart and pin down flares will be tighter. Keep up the awesome work on the videos !

  8. Got a Storm Nova drilled pin down as an experiment.. aggressive off the spot still, but I have the cut the lane in half to get what I really want. Keep up the good work this is a great video!

  9. My issues with this argument about which is better and or why, is ive seen so many other videos from people who have their own opinions about pin up or down is better. Realistically from what I have seen is that there isn’t much of a difference between the two if you’re small time bowler OR you just bowl once in a while. The difference on some shots can be very, very small. I know some have their reasons but it all comes down to the bowler themselves. Every swing is different so the ball reaction will always be different.

  10. Hey Luis, I’ve been following you since you were using Motiv. I really enjoy your channel but more importantly your attitude. You’re always positive and informative. Keep up the great work man and continued success!

  11. Another great video Luis! I always enjoy the pin down vs pin up videos. My best ball for me, currently is my heavy 15 pin down ball.👍👊✌🖖

  12. I literally just talked to the owner at league last week about this. This really put it into a better perspective! I was so lost

  13. In my 30’s I carried a 192 ave in league, I used a solid blue Rino 15.5, drilled for semi fingertip . Just fell in love with bowling again after 25years. Now I’m 64 just bought a 10lb Raw Hammer, solid (disability means a lighter ball) I can still toss a house ball around 17mph, should I have it drilled pin up or pin down. I like to play the right hand part of the lanes more than a bigger hook from the left side?

  14. I’m trying to figure out if a pin down bowling ball would help in Reno for the Nationals since it’s a tough sport pattern, I’m leaning towards an Ambush or DNA but I do have a super nova with the pin in the middle, it seems the pin up one’s never help me since I can’t rev as fast as some people

  15. For Nationals, team vs singles/doubles, which would you use pin down or pin up? The last couple of years the team pattern has been loger then single/doubles. Heading to Reno in a couple of weeks.

  16. Thanks for your help, just got my first pin down ball (idol synergy). Absolutely love it out of box on transition.

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