What Is The Difference Between A Bowling Ball Drilled Pin Up & Pin Down | Featuring 900 Global Zen!

There's always been so many questions about pin up vs pin down and what the difference are and whatnot. In this video I took two 900 Global Zen's and drilled them 30×4.5×30 and 30×4.5×75 to se what the differences are ON THE LANE!

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23 Comments on “What Is The Difference Between A Bowling Ball Drilled Pin Up & Pin Down | Featuring 900 Global Zen!”

  1. Absolutely. How about the Nova? Mines pin up and really considering a pin down. I know selfish but hey you asked bro 😆 🤣

  2. Thanks for the video! This helps a lot, as i’ve asked so many people about this and no one could answer this question. Most of my bowling balls are pin up and go long which is what i’ve been told. From your video though, i’m guessing that is incorrect??

    1. the term “goes long” is relative. Oil amount, rotation, speed exact pin distance to PAP, the list goes on. The point of the video is to show you what a pin down would do differently for you or vice versa. if you feel l ike your pin up goes “long” and flips as it is, drilling another the same but pin down would make it have a tendency to be even cleaner through the front going even longer before it flips, and possibly give you a smoother shape once it did.

  3. I think a video with A-Syms would be beneficial, like the Gem or the Reality. If I’m not mistaken, the first angle on Syms doesn’t really matter, i think only the pin distance and Val angle do because the core is symmetrical.

  4. Most of my equipment is urethane and those are pin up. I have a couple reactive and they are pin down.

  5. Thanks for the info and bonus shots Luis! I’m thinking an asymmetrical pearl like the Altered would be interesting to compare. Also, I use the Gem on my fresh house shot. What would you suggest to get into once they break down? I’m thinking a pin down Zen is the ticket!😉

  6. Maybe do a pin down helios. It could use some more length but only if it could keep the aggressive surface.

  7. Thanks for putting this out. TOO MANY PROSHOPS out here slap a pin up layout on a ball and still thinks it “goes long an flips” pin up balls are actually earlier.

  8. really good info, I did not think the pin down would look better from zone three but it did would have loved to see you go another zone are two to really push the limits so we could see the difference I think maybe the pin up would win another zone left but I don’t know?

  9. Thanks for the video and the information. If possible can you do a pin up, pin down comparison with the Reality thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. Amazing video, super helpful! Would be interesting to see pin up and pin down on an asymmetric ball.

  11. Great video! Pin down if I was through one-handed. I’m guessing for a two-hander that would be a short pin maybe. Still enjoyed watching and love your content. Great job

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