What Is The Best Release Of 2023 SO FAR?!

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What has been your favorite release of 2023 so far? Let me know in the comments!

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42 Comments on “What Is The Best Release Of 2023 SO FAR?!”

  1. Come to think of it I don’t have any 23 releases in my arsenal..just my 2nd Zen that I got earlier in the year. I was definitely inching towards the Absolute though, but when I saw the Infinite Physix was being discontinued it made me want to get it before it disappears into $500 range pricing, lol

  2. For me, Radical Outer Limits all day long. Sanded hybrids seem to match my game and the lanes I bowl on. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I haven’t bowled in 6yrs and I plan on buying new equipment and a ball on Wednesday.. I was thinking about the absolute because it seemed to read the lanes like my “virtual gravity nano pearl” but Im also stuck between the eternity the exotic gem or infinite psyhix.. they all seem quite different in how they react and read the lanes

    1. If you liked the virtual gravity nano Pearl you’d probably enjoy the 900 Global Eternity because it has the tumbly tendency of the VG core and the flip for modern conditions. If you bowl in a house with older lanes and higher friction then the Storm Absolute could be a good choice

    2. @Anthony John D B wow thank you so much this information was very informative! I’ve been really leaning towards the eternity and hearing its similar to the gravity nano pearl I may just go with the eternity.. thank you very much sir wish I could ask you more 😂😂😅

  4. Although I don’t have any of them, the Absolute and Eternity compare really well to some of the pieces that I do have, and those are my favorite balls that I own. Absolute is my fav

  5. Outta the ones i threw i gotta say the dna is my favorite then the eternity right behind it.

  6. I have throttle absolute and the eternity. Really like both of them. Did not care so much for the revenant but probably did not give it a chance or had wrong drilling on it. Still thinking of changing to the hammer line or motiv line

  7. I’ve fallen in love with my Duo, i feel like it reads the lanes really well and seems to wanna hooks no matter how far you are moving left.

    1. @Lauren Long I haven’t had that issue as much, but my ball speed isn’t super quick either. I’m usually between 14-16 mph.

  8. I have all of these and I was so excited for the DNA but it just doesn’t go threw the pins the way I’d like, changed surface three times.
    My current favorites is the TNT and Ruby

  9. I’ve gotten the Absolute, Revenant, and Ruby so far this year. The Absolute and Ruby at Step 2 polish (no reacta gloss) are must haves in my league night bag. I haven’t quite found the right conditions or surface for the Revenant.

  10. I got the absolute and the Ruby in the bag for league, def my favorite ones they released so far. My dad got the eternity drilled for league and it’s his go to ball!

  11. I tell ya what Luis…I REALLY like this type of video. Just seeing the shapes of each ball, back to back, really showcases where the ball can fit in your arsenal, but also, whether or not its good for an individuals own game. Your normal review videos are great, keep them coming. But I think your really tapping into something really special with this type of “Multi Roll” ball video. As a suggestion, what if you do a Multi-Roll video of only sanded Asyms, across all SPI product. Then do a video of only polished Asyms, across all SPI product. You can do a video of the “weaker” balls, then do a video of the “stronger” balls. You can create groups in ALOT of different ways. And as you always say, “Dont listen to me, just watch what the ball does!” And Luis You sir are RIGHT!!!

  12. Would say my favorite release this year would be the widow 2.0. it was the first asym ball I purchased and it became my favorite ball just based on the improved backend reaction, which my other balls didn’t really have.

    1. @Luis Napoles keep up the good videos Luis. Looking forward to the summit coming out as well. I wanna see what it does at 1500 grit.

  13. If you to personally build a 3-4 ball arsenal using these new releases, which ones would go in the bag?

  14. I’ve watched several of your videos now and was impressed with your content, very informative so I would like to get your thoughts and advise on this please and thank you.

    I’m Just getting back into league bowling using 3 summer leagues to get back into bowling shape before the fall/winter leagues start up that I’ve already signed up for and have been placed on teams. I Haven’t bowled in any leagues and or tournaments since 98 and yes, I’m a lefty. In my bag right now, I have the Columbia 300 Parana’s the emerald green and the light blue. After watching several preview videos I’m really liking that, Storm !Q Ruby, it seemed to be the best for different house shots and league type bowling and didn’t seem to be bothered all that much as the lanes changed once the oil pattern started to break down and spread out.

    Just from watching your previous preview videos of other balls, the best balls to come out in 2023 so far, as well as the ruby preview and the gold and emerald. The ruby to me seemed to be very forgiving when it comes to missing a little left or right of target or if you happen to release that ball wrong i.e., a thumb slipping out a little early or coming out a little late. This ball just seems to hunt and look for that pocket no matter what as did that gold and emerald, but this ruby seemed to be more so. Not sure what the term shape of the ball means could use an explanation on that one, but I did like the control and smoothness of the ball as it rolled down the lane, it seems to line up extremely well at the back end and drive through the pocket and pins. One last point when HOF Chris Barnes throws a ball down the lane for the first time and turns around and says OH YEA, this ball will be in my bag for tournaments this year, you may want to seriously think about putting this one in your bag as well yes, no, maybe, sometimes, always, never?

    Keep up the great work and hope to get a response and a little bit of advice from you soon. Keep up the great work and you and your family have a good, safe and blessed rest of your day, week and especially the upcoming weekend.

  15. Should I worry about any of this as a beginner, or just get 1 or 2 balls I like and start practicing with them.

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