What Is The BEST Interchangeable Thumb System and Why You Should Make The Switch!

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Vice IT Turbo Switch Grip and JoPo Twist are the three main systems for interchangeable thumbs and today we are going to compare all three and see which one is the best!

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40 Comments on “What Is The BEST Interchangeable Thumb System and Why You Should Make The Switch!”

  1. I have used the Turbo switch grips for 10 plus years bowling 2 or 3 nights a week and never had one break. The two tabs on the bottom do wear over time, but I am still using the first one I ever had. I have seen them break for other bowlers, but I have had good luck with them.

  2. I currently use the Turbo Switch grip. Used for about 10 years now. Never had one break as of yet, only issue u do have is I have to drill several new ones due to the sides wearing down after constant thumb switching. But I do love using them.

    JOPO would consider using it if my shop operator decided to bring it in. It looks like the best design that I’ve seen so far.

    VISE I haven’t used before. I have seen many people before with the thumb grip separating from the bottom anchor. And in the middle of a tournament. I know VISE did a modification on the anchor & haven’t heard of many issues after the change.

  3. I use the VISE system. I love it .. works absolutely perfectly! .. and in my view, interchangeable thumbs are a MUST. I can’t do without them. I have a lot of trouble with my thumb changing size during an evening of bowling. I frequently have to adjust my thumb with tape, both on my thumb and in my ball during an evening of bowling. My thumb can change from game to game sometimes, and if I didn’t have an interchangeable thumb system, so that I can use the same unit in each ball, I would be spending most of my time adjusting thumb holes. I can’t do without an interchangeable thumb system. They are simply a must for any active bowler.

  4. Good video. I have JoPo in a couple balls of mine.
    Just looking at the IT thumbs side by side it is obvious which is better. JoPo is just so much better engineered and manufactured, and looks it.

  5. I’ve been using JoPo for a month or so now and definitely the only one I will ever use. I have them fitted for 8 of my 12 balls and gonna get the other 4 done soon. I have 3 inner done each a lil bit different and that’s the way to do it.

  6. I know someone who uses the vise one, but personally I don’t use an IT, but I have thought about doing so. Also liked the new camera angle

  7. Jopo is absolutely amazing can’t say enough about this company I’ve been using them for about 8 months now with no issues and can’t find anything wrong with them I was always told I hit it to hard at the bottom and they would break but not with jopo. And yes the camera angle shows better ball motion

  8. Jopo is the closest feel to a glued in thumb slug. Extremely solid, never had any issue with it. The Switchgrip inners always felt loose after a few days. The worst thing is the feeling of a loose slug during your swing.

  9. I’ve only used the vise IT. Been using it for about 5 years and only had it break once, and had one get stuck due to the core expansion once. Overall very good

  10. As a pro shop owner who does hundreds of switchgrips, Jopo has definitely come out on top for me. I have switched 98% of customers to these over the last 2 years and not 1 failure yet of any kind. That makes life easier for me. And the feel is more secure as I use them myself.

  11. I’ve been using Turbo and Vice over the last 5yrs. Two of my balls still have Turbo, while Three have Vice. Had 3 failures with the Turbo and one with the Vice. Because I don’t replace my bowling balls often, I would be reluctant to switch to another system. Maybe try the Jo Po with my next purchase!

  12. I like the idea of the same thumb feel for every ball but I love the way the inside a bowling ball feels compared to like plastic or even a plug

  13. I have no major complaints with the VISE IT system in the last 2 1/2 years since I started using them. 2 minor issues, but I have no bad feelings towards the VISE IT.
    Unfortunately my curiosity got the better of me and I had my PSO replace the VISE IT to the JoPo TWIST in one of my older bowling balls.
    I feel the JoPo is a superior product and will over time have all my VISE ITs replaced with the JoPo TWIST.
    Unfortunately it will not be cheap😂

  14. I used the IT grip, broke within the first month. Used the turbos and broke two within a month, but after a years use. Definitely going to try jopo next. Those look very secure and durable.

  15. Thanks for the recommendation! I had the Vice grips installed today and it makes a world of difference!!

  16. About to add interchangeable thumbs, had my PSO who primarily installs vice get in touch w his supplier to grab some Jopo’s to install in my arsenal. As always appreciate the great content and you’ve saved me hours of research again haha.

  17. I have never used interchangeable thumbs or any kind of grips. I think it would help me tremendously, though. My biggest issue is that my thumb is so weirdly shaped and swells constantly, thus making my shots very inconsistent. I live in Southeast Ohio, so I would have to drive over an hour and a half to even find someone to install them. Otherwise, I am a 212 avg bowler, trying to get to 220 in the next year. Peace.

  18. Even thought I have been bowling for almost 5 decades, I have avoided the Interchangeable thumb systems for quite a while. Because of my heavy wrist cup, my thumb only really kept the ball stable in my hand. However, since I can’t get as deep a cup anymore (due to age), my thumb feel is starting to get more important, especially since I bowl a Sport Shot league over the summers.

    I just got the J-Pro installed on all my reserve balls, and had to tweak the fit of the slugs at practice this morning. NOW the feel is good. [I was not going to mess with my #1 ball until I knew the feel was good on the slug.] I love the way the thumb locks into the ball with a click. {Showing it to someone this morning, he was able to hear the thumb click in while standing 10 feet away in the parking lot.) You are also NOT going to accidentally unscrew the thumb, because it takes effort and some pressure to unscrew it.

    For reference, I am a former power bowler but age and injuries (in my mid-50’s now) have forced me to change my approach, and that killed 6 mph from my ball speed, but I still have my full revs. Because of that, I have a large arsenal of plastic balls: Pyramid Pathogen Blue Dot, 2 Radical Spys (drilled different), T-Zone (Actually a strike ball for me), and Urethane Pyramid Plague X. My new #1 doesn’t make sense, but it is the Clear Rose from KR Strikeforce. For me the ball turns hard in the back end and drives the pocket.

  19. My local PSO carries the Turbo Switch Grip. I’ve been using them for about a year. Ive had one inner give trouble. The tabs got wear on them, preventing it from clicking into place. However, a small piece of thin slick tape on the side of the inner, near the bottom, snugged it up.

    However, I will mention the JoPo to my local PSO, he may start carrying them.

  20. Used Turbo for years starting back in 2005-2006 and I have never had one break. I think different bowlers experience will vary based on how they treat their equipment. Vise seems fiddly to me as I’ve seen many bowlers struggling with either spacer rings loosening up or impact with the pins and pit causes thumbs to jam or to go missing. I installed hundreds of Turbos when I had a proshop back in the day and while I trust them, I think they could use an update. Currently I’m not using interchangeable thumbs since I just came back to bowling but I’m curious to try the JoPo since it looks like a great compromise / adaptation of the older systems.

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