What Is Motiv Microcell?!? | Is It Urethane?!?

What's going on my YouTube fam?! Today I have for you all a video explain what the heck this Microcell cover is that Motiv has been using as well as a on lane comparison between the three balls.

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42 Comments on “What Is Motiv Microcell?!? | Is It Urethane?!?”

  1. Love the video. I have the desert tank not drilled yet. Still working on my revs and release before I drill it.

  2. Would love to see a sidewinder core wrapped in microcell. Really enjoy my desert tank, really surprised how much I can shape it when the lanes break down despite the low diff core

  3. I have the motiv covert tank and its very interesting how it can still hook in the backend and how much it hooks too

  4. I absolutely need to see a video of these 3 with a short pin layout. I tried a short pin on a Villain and it was a dud.

    1. Bowlingenius For me personally short pin layouts are more of a specialty layout, so I’ll only do it for a specific reason if I’m bowling on something that I know there’s a bunch of friction

  5. That was the best explanation if this core technology that I have ever heard!!! Very much appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Joshua Paugh The Covert and Blitz are solids and the Desert is a pearl. That’s not my category that’s what they are

  6. Oohhh can’t wait to see this, I love my covert tank, just got the blitz. (I’m 2 handed so I make the covert hook, and hit like a tank)

    1. @MotivLou I posted a video on my you tube channel of me throwing it on my house shot ( and no there is 0 production quality lol ). I’m a rev dominant player who just has never found a reactive ball that I can control consistently. I tend to fall back on the purple hammer but damn this desert tank opens up some angle for me.

    2. @David Clark just saw the video on the Desert! Looks dam good to me! Obviously the purple hammer is a all time great ball but because it’s urethane it pushes oil down the lane. What I like about our microcell balls is that they don’t push oil down the lane

  7. Got my first official 600 with my flash. I do have the tank blitz it replaced my fever pitch. It is so versatile for me, use as a 10pin ball or I use it when I am having issues with my other balls

  8. Nice think I’ll get one of these microcell, I’ve been storm/roto exclusive for few seasons but this really has my interest peaked. Great content new sub. TNJR

  9. I used my Blitz on league night this week. My opponents swear that my blitz moves the oil like traditional urethane.

    1. Well it 10000000000000000000000% doesn’t LOL Urethane doesn’t absorb oil what so ever. Microcell does. Throw two shots with urethane and microcell and see which ball will absorb the oil and which one will not. Just gotta educate them is all =)

    1. You can order through your local pro shop or you can go to one of my recent videos and use one of my Amazon links!

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