What Is A Short Pin Layout & How Can It Help YOUR Game

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Today we are talking about what a short pin layout is and how it can help your game as better option POTENTIALLY than urethane!

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17 Comments on “What Is A Short Pin Layout & How Can It Help YOUR Game”

  1. First – Thanks for this video Luis. Urethane is difficult to replicate with reactive. I have used a pin down layout in the past. I averaged 235 in a tournament a few years back across 9 games for a win, which was cool.

  2. I have this layout on a Jackal Ghost and it worked great on Wolf, especially after urethane carry down. That said, I can’t use the ball at all on a typical house pattern because it’s super straight like a plastic ball with a solid cover. So it’s a dedicated short pattern tournament ball.

  3. I don’t think there is a situation where you need urethane, yes it may be better, but it isn’t needed. You can use reactive, is it going to be your best look or what you prefer, maybe not. Considering new rules, short pins and surface adjustment may be the way to go moving forward. It is a perfectly acceptable replacement. Is a pen a replacement for a pencil, yes it is, will it function identically to a pencil, no, but in the end you can accomplish the same things with a pen that you would with a pencil.

  4. Short pins have a lot of uses. They are great for people looking for control, but don’t have the rev rate for urethane. They are receptive to hand position changes, and they blend over under house patterns really well too. I always have a big asym with a short pin layout in my bag.

  5. Great video Luis! Since you are always looking at “shape”, I think you meant Cubist not Cuban, but I digress. Thanks for making this video for me (well kinda), because I have been musing as to what type of layout, to use on this “recommended” ball.👍👊✌🖖

    1. Radical’s drill sheets show the axis migration with their layouts. You can find them on their website. I have tested them with tape and found them to be accurate.

  6. I have a short pin Helios. 90 x 2.25 x 45. Obviously don’t get much use out of it with a THS but I am able to play way right when the lanes are dry (I’m a lefty) and strike consistently on THS. Haven’t had a chance to try it on sport yet. I don’t own a urethane so can’t compare but I can say that in most cases the short pin leaves me alot of 7 pins but when it’s right it’s golden

  7. muchas gracias much love for the sport keep teaching layouts is pin up down all that I need to learn ‘m a noob bowler =P

  8. I have a hammer dark web hybrid short pin but it barely hooks and doesn’t hit hard. So I have urethane ball and about to try the new Trucut gloss.

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