What Is A Benchmark Bowling Ball & Why Its Important To Have One!

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Benchmark is a term that gets thrown all too much in the bowling world! Today we are going to talk about what a benchmark bowling is and why its so important!

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29 Comments on “What Is A Benchmark Bowling Ball & Why Its Important To Have One!”

  1. RST-X1 is my benchmark. Reality, Hyped Hybrid and Camo round out the league arsenal. Have an Idol Cosmos but can’t get it to work for me. I added surface (1500). I’m high speed behind the ball.

  2. My current benchmark ball is the Idol Helios. I know you hated that ball, but it fits my game. Just recently got a RST X-3 and a Hyped Solid I need to get drilled for when I need to ball up or down from the Helios. Those are replacing a Motiv Pride (I don’t match up with that ball at all) and a very used Crux Prime. I loved that Crux Prime when it was new, I had miss room all over the place, it was great. But I think it’s time to retire it. I just doesn’t do what it once did when my bowling center replaced the lane boards a couple years ago. Oh well, buying new stuff is fun.

  3. Loved this educational vid–would really like seeing stuff that clarifies terminology
    I always hear Darren Tang talking about how a ball is smoother or cleaner and I just have no idea what that means lol

  4. My benchmark ball is my Axiom or Parallax. Have gem, x-1, axiom Pearl, x-2, hustle rap to pair with it so plenty of options. Still looking for something between the x-2 and hustle

  5. Love this video, great information. I would say up front that I do throw my purple hammer 99% of the time in league, but when I don’t throw it I’ll say my bench mark ball is my Frequency. I am a huge DV8 fan, so beside my Hammer all of my balls are dV8. So when I throw my Frequency, which is a strong asymmetrical hybrid I look for how soon does it hook. If I feel like it’s hooking too much, then I’ll go down to my dam good Verge or dam good Verge pearl. Every now and then when it’s not hooking enough I’ll go up in balls to my Hellcat or Blaze. I do agree that everyone needs that one or two balls that let’s see how exactly the lane is playing

  6. My current benmark ball is the IQTS. During practice, I throw that a couple of times on each lane in different zones. Since my rev rate gets the IQ launching off the friction a ton, I can usually tell whether to ball up or down. I’ll also look at the flare rings after each shot to see how much oil is in the zone I threw it.

    Bowling in a light oil house during warm weather, knowing where the friction starts and how much oil is downlane is key. But that is only a starting point.

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