What Is A Benchmark Bowling Ball? | My Definition Of a Benchmark Bowling Ball!

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Todays video we go over a topic that doesn't get talked about a whole lot if at all! We are taking a look at what makes a bowling ball a "Benchmark" ball. A benchmark ball can be so many different things to so many bowlers so we are looking at what I consider to be a benchmark bowling ball and why!

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4 Comments on “What Is A Benchmark Bowling Ball? | My Definition Of a Benchmark Bowling Ball!”

  1. I’m curious, you said when you wrap 10 you usually move left, why? When I wrap a 7 (because I’m left handed) I usually move left to create more angle to get the 7 out, do you just move left to play closer to the pocket?

  2. My Phaze II. Always my first ball off the rack and tells me what to expect from the lanes. It is so consistent.

  3. My benchmark changes with the house I’m in. The only thing I want a benchmark ball to do is find breakpoint and miss room during practice. It’s usually something I can beat the pocket and get atleast 9 Everytime. Lately it’s been my trend 2 though. It is a ball that I can find my miss room both in and out during practice. It picks up on friction because it’s polished but also reads in oil because it’s NRG. Usually Zen Master/phaze 2/PBR but sometimes synergy/zen. Depends how much friction there is.

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