What Happened In January?!? Let’s Take a Closer Look!

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Let's look back at January to see what really happened!

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10 Comments on “What Happened In January?!? Let’s Take a Closer Look!”

    1. They really don’t. It’s just to give you more variations on shape and response, and of course more color choices lol

  1. Would say its welcome having that kind of Video every Month
    Also ur absolutely wrong I learned from Packy as soon u miss better make a 5 Board move Left or Right depending which hand ur throwing with 🤣

    totally works i mean not really but it works trust 😂😂😂

  2. These types of videos are cool. Nice to get an idea what you are thinking about your game, plus a mini review of the balls from the past month is awesome.

  3. The hard part of buying a new ball to fill a gap is recognizing that needing something in that gap may only be 20% of the time and not 80%

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