4 Comments on “What Does The Pinky Do? – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Interesting timing on this for me as I have just started experimenting with spreading the pinky and the stability, I get at the bottom of the swing is very noticeable. Always had it next to ring finger.

  2. For me, tucked pinky is slightly longer and slightly sharper at the break point. It’s very subtle, but can be the difference between flat 10 vs a strike, pocket vs 4-pin. That is if I am throwing the ball good that night. If I am not throwing the ball well, then nothing really matters. 😂

  3. I just use the pinky to adjust pressure on my index finger. However I might practice tucking for the burn. It forces my wrist back into a very weak position.

  4. I use my pinky position all the time, adjusting it almost every throw. I tuck my pinky close to my other fingers when I want more axis rotation, and I spread my pinky when I want less axis rotation. I spread my pinky far when I use my spare ball to throw straight shots.

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