What Does It Take To Become A Pro Bowler? – #RadicalRundown

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Welcome back to the next season of the Radical Rundown!

Today, we introduce our newest Radical Pro Staffer Ronnie Russell and we dive into what it actually takes to become a PBA Professional and what it takes to actually become a successful PBA Pro!

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5 Comments on “What Does It Take To Become A Pro Bowler? – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Or you cash as a non-member, agreeing to join the PBA.

    I think RR will win again using Radical equipment.

  2. Thank you for this video. The biggest question I wanted answered. It’s not easy to train 6 hours a day and have a full time job and a club that doesn’t have that much time to let you train. Living in a country where bowling isn’t even a sport that’s thought about adds to all these challenges.

  3. This video needs to be shown on repeat in all bowling centers. Lots of league bowlers think that if they can average x amount for a season, they can go pro. They have no idea.

  4. Very good first video with the Country Boy! A very solid bowler, hope he brings Radical a long awaited victory!

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