What Bowling Ball Do You Want To Come Back?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe

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49 Comments on “What Bowling Ball Do You Want To Come Back?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe”

  1. Marvel S haha

    Trauma Recovery was one of my favs.
    Spectre . Which storm is bringing back but under a new name.

  2. Zero Gravity. Storm released that ball too soon imo. The world was not ready for medium diff mild asym balls. Motion is like a Venom Recoil that goes further down lane but shapes a ton more, at least in my eyes and it’s my all time favourite ball.

  3. Dv8 Pitbull series. It’s by far my favorite bowling ball line I’ve ever thrown. Haven’t thrown enough storm to know

    1. @Luis Napoles Well yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you throw anything Brunswick besides the Purple Hammer.

    2. @Ian Honeycutt I did a few videos when I was a free agent. Ebonite Polaris, melee jab midnight blue, obsession tour pearl and a few others

    3. This isn’t meant to cause a fight but The growl is my least favorite ball I’ve ever owned. It just burned up on every lane I threw it on. I couldn’t get any carry because it lost so much energy. I bought it because the OG pitbull was so popular and the growl was the version available at the time. I knew a lot of guys who liked the og a lot.

    4. @Angry Badger It’s funny, because I’ve actually never thrown either the Growl or the OG Pitbull. I threw my 1st 600 (634 I believe) with the bite, and threw a 692 with the bark.

  4. Ebonite Cyclone. For some reason it just works for me on a variety of conditions. I pulled my 2013 vintage one out of storage last week and bagged a 685 series on a long oil house shot.

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