What Are Overseas Bowling Balls Like & Are They Better? Storm Super Lock & Hyroad Gold!

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There are so many bowling balls that are released from your favorite brand that are only available outside the USA and today we are gonna talk about why! The Storm Hyroad Gold and the Storm Super Lock!

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18 Comments on “What Are Overseas Bowling Balls Like & Are They Better? Storm Super Lock & Hyroad Gold!”

  1. Great video Luis … a few questions

    Can PBA players use this ball on tour or international events?

    Ate these balls more expensive?

    Can league bowlers use tgese?

  2. I would love for the super lock to be available at my local pro shop, or a new ball in similar color palette.

    1. You can buy them just from an overseas seller or on Facebook pages they’re just expensive like hyroad gold is $300 the super lock is like $350-400 it’s just more pricey and you’re mainly paying for color

  3. That Super Lock looks completely different than my Sure Lock. It’s amazing what a new ball with the same core but a different cover and finish will do for lane motion. Wow!

    Luis, if you could get your hands on a brand new Sure Lock, I’d love to see it next to the Super Lock or next to some of the contemporaries. (Proton Physix, Gem, Reality, etc.)

  4. I just got the Storm Hy-Road Wave Overseas ball. I’m trying it out today. It has the NRG polish coverstock like the Trend 2

  5. Shota Kawazoe is a JPBA (and SPI) guy who reviews a lot of balls, and a lot of them are overseas that we’ve never seen here before, or haven’t seen in a while. I think they make some Marvels still, a Roto Grip ball called the Attention and the strongest core that Storm makes (G2) hasn’t even been put in a US release yet. Interesting YT channel to check out – granted, everything is in Japanese so you’re not there for info necessarily but you can get a feel for ball reaction and just see unique stuff be thrown. He’s fun to watch too.

  6. Here’s a bit of Zen knowledge on overseas balls for those in Europe/Asia who watch this channel.

    Zen Spirit is just the original Zen rebranded and in different colours.

    Zen Karma is just the Zen Master rebranded and in different colours.

    The only true original overseas Zen ball is the Zen Soul, which I’ve never seen a review of anywhere on YouTube..hoping one day we may see one on this channel 🤞🏻

  7. I’m all about the Overseas stuff, punching up a 900 Global Dark Night this weekend. It’s an expensive hobby, but it is what is. And yes, it’s a culture thing in Asia. It’s kind of frowned upon if someone goes out and buys the same ball. That’s why they’ll have more releases, colors, and combos of those Cores/colors than we get here.

  8. Great video Luis! Love the Super Lock. I’m curious, if they would do a US Variant eventually. If Nova is the Gate core, I’m sure they will do another Lock with a new name. Fingers crossed Storm!

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