We SUCK At Spares! One Game Match Of Low Ball

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Chris and I really need to work on our spare game! We played a game of low ball where the lowest score wins!

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44 Comments on “We SUCK At Spares! One Game Match Of Low Ball”

  1. If I tried this game, I’d probably end up over 200. 🤣🤣

    I have a friend I bowl league with that could use the practice on single pins as much as me. I’ve seen low ball played on other channels but it never occurred to me to use it in my practice routine. I’m sure it will help, as I missed three 7 pins last night. I also missed two 10pins (hanging head with embarrassment).

    Thanks for the video, guys. It’s always fun watching.

    1. i’ve asked my alley if the rules for low ball are in the system and was told they are. but for practise i wouldn’t recommend it. just use the normal ruleset for practise and simply aim at tens and sevens. if you use the lowball rules you’ll get less shots when gutters on the first ball get counted as strikes.

      i asked if it was in the system for our year end social day for league presentations. we normally do 7 no tap which is boring. at least someone can claim they got a 900 this year

  2. Happy Holidays to you both. Enjoy your videos.

    I dont play low ball per say as in changing the score if I gutter or what not, but when I do work on my spare game, I try to pick off pins (7 pin and 10 pin). I have a very high rev rate like Chris and have learned to flatten out the ball to the point where I can throw a reactive ball straight as an arrow. I wanted to ensure I had a backup option in the event my spare ball cracks or some unforeseen event prevents my spare ball being with me.

  3. I love doing this for spare practice. I struggle to hit the 10 pin so much, if I use a spare ball it ends in the gutter and if I use a reactive I miss by half a board haha

  4. I don’t really play low ball (mostly because no body wants to play it) but I do spend a good portion of my time in practice working on corner pins. Always fun when some league participants come by to check your score while you’re practicing and they see a score of 57 in the 7th. You know you’re on to greater things when, in practice, you’re not focused on score.

  5. Would love to see a follow up with actual spare balls. Also, have you compared the Fate to Wolverine Dark Moss yet? I’ve been looking at both as possible additions on the lower end of the arsenal.

  6. I was out of bowling for a few years and recently got back into it in league and so far it has been quite a bit of fun. Spare shooting has been an issue, but my average week 1 was 146. My average for the league is currently up to 197.

    1. Im with you Chad. Was away for 12 years. The last time i bowled the brunswick Danger Zone was the hotness. First practice back is this week.

  7. I learned this back in high school, and I do it whenever I start struggling with corner pins now too. It’s really helped get my spare average up to where it needs to be.

  8. I’ve never played low ball ( well I guess I have indirectly and didn’t know the name ) . In practice , I’ll try and shoot 7 AND 10s from full racks to prepare for the night ahead . Really cool you guys did this . Thx 👍
    Adding this , please do this with your spare balls as well . Happy holidays !

  9. A low ball practice session is a great way to work on corner pins! The 10 pin (for righties) is my nemesis! I think I’ll ask a bowling buddy to give this a try! Thanks for the idea Luis!

  10. In practice on my first gameI I try to pick off the 10 and then the 7 using my phaze 2. I have scored below 100 many times. It has increased my confidence and skill of making spares and lowered my handicap. I hope you promote this as a good way to practice spares. The diversity of Luis’s style vs Chris’s style is a real asset to the channel. Thanks for all your great reviews.

  11. Me, my wife and son practice this low game at least once every two weeks. It really truly does help our spare game and it’s fun. Keep up the great content.

  12. Oh my, you guys had me cracking up when Louis bowled a strike and Chris followed it up with a 9/ LOL!! Watching your wrist at the starting point it is in a pretty strong position. Have you tried getting it in a weak position to start with? May seem strange but I like to point my wrist at the pin I’m aiming at, sort of like giving it the Spider-Man web motion. Fun video!

  13. This is an interesting way to just try to pick up random pins, but it goes against wanting to throw your best ball to strike lol. Keep up the excellent work

  14. Still loving the content. I really suck at 10 pins, so this challenge might help. And I entered my second tournament ever, 3 man baker and our team won 😁 my handicap definitely helped along with some good shooting by the team.

  15. This is great! It is so challenging to work on anything but bowling strikes and this actually looks like fun! I like how each of you folded under pressure at times just as a normal high score competion. Very creative and I will be connecting with my league team to do this. Keep up the education and entertainment gents, you guys are fun to watch together!

  16. Strikes for show and spares for dough! Such an important part of the game and this is a fantastic way to work on the corners and hand position. Great video gentlemen!

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