We Bowled On The Cheetah Oil Pattern With BUMPERS!!

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Whats one thing we all know about bowling on short oil patterns? Thats right its to play the gutter! So what happened when we bowl on cheetah with the numbers up?!?

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47 Comments on “We Bowled On The Cheetah Oil Pattern With BUMPERS!!”

  1. That was a good time! I still laugh when it comes to the part that you tell me that we are bowling with bumpers lmao!

    1. @Tony Klassen 14lbs. I just went down in weight from 15lbs because I had a tear in my wrist. However, I love 14lbs now.

  2. Sorry Lou, once she switched to the UC3 and found the 11 to 9 shot you were done.
    Low Rev Rate good. 😁
    Plus she is crazy accurate and was within half a board to a board max on all those UC3 shots.
    Accuracy Game good. 😁

  3. I kinda bowled on cheetah, during league night I bowled on a lane that had cheetah on it from a pro clinic they had the previous day. Even though they oiled the lanes it kind of fused the house pattern with cheetah. I couldn’t get a strike for crap, lol, I got close, but it’s definitely a hard pattern

  4. True definition of having the right ball for the job and knowing what adjustment to make lol @Luis you should’ve concurred your fear earlier and moved right and kept your angle straighter.. Your ball looked better when you made that switch…

  5. This was entertaining for sure. Way to go Krysta!
    Nice shooting. you def got dialed in with the UC3.
    Makes me want one just to have around, it was money.
    I’m actually suprised the Vinage struggled that much but still…
    Great video Luis.

  6. Video suggestion (sorry off topic for this one): Now that we have the Infinite, Dark Code and Night Road which share the same cover, I would love to see a video with all three so we can really see what difference the core makes.

    1. I don’t have that idea lol but I don’t have a dark code any more since I gave it away cause I hate it lol

  7. I played with bumpers once when I was bowling with my grandson. I hated knowing they were there, and they never came into play on THS. I don’t like the thought of it anyway. BTW, you caught Krysta on the wrong day.

  8. I bowled on all PBA oil patterns cause the League i was in they put a different one every week so we didn’t what we was bowling on and that was last year. I never bowled with the Bumpers on cause i would hit the all the time and probably break them.

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