We Attempted The HARDEST Challenge In Bowling!

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The hardest challenge to do in bowling is the seven arrow challenge! Thats what Richard and I set out to do! The rules are simple, throw a strike from all 7 arrows on the lanes!

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5 Comments on “We Attempted The HARDEST Challenge In Bowling!”

  1. After league my teammates all play a dice game where we have a 8 sided die and a six sided die. 8 sided is arrow (rolling an 8 is rollers choice) and the other die is the ball to use (we’re all no thumb bowlers). It makes for a good challenge especially if you roll a 1 arrow with the widow 2.0 hybrid or a 7 arrow with a spare ball or Gem. Also, you must use the rolled ball to pick up spares but can aim at any arrow.

  2. This was a really cool video and truly is great practice for testing the limits of each ball in your arsenal and learning the capabilities of each.

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