Vip Vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison

What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have an in depth comparison between two MEGA balls the Motiv VIP and Jackal Flash!!

Let me know what other balls you want to see compared !!

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44 Comments on “Vip Vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison”

    1. Bowling Brawn Thrash Frenzy all the QZ balls the Octane and Octane Burn all had this core and a pearl cover. My opinion is that it’s closest to the original Octane than any of the others

    1. MrJazzy1018 That’s really all depending on your game. If you’re a higher rev rate player and you wanna see your ball shape a ton then yea it will especially if you already have a flash. Now if you’re a lower rev rate player then the vip probably won’t replace it since the have such different cores. Now if you ask me what ball is better between the vip and nemesis it’s not even close it’s 100% the Vip

    2. MotivLou yeah I’m a high rev player… got to get a desert tank before the vip .. I got sometime lol

    3. MrJazzy1018 plenty of time ! Honestly can’t go wrong with either of them ! Both different but both are exceptional balls

  1. I don’t like to take more than six balls to a tournament. Current have the Alpha, Flash, Flight, Blitz, Desert, and Thrill in my tournament bags. Which would you replace with the VIP? I already plan on knocking mine down to 2000, so I can’t wait to see your surface change video.

    1. Brian Wolf for me personally I’d take out the Flight especially since you’re planning on knocking the shine off the cover !! I can’t wait to see what this VIP does with a little surface !

    2. Brian Wolf I mean it’s no secret that I don’t really care for the flight at all lol but it would all depend what you’re bowling on to determine if you’d take out the Flight or the Thrill. For me my tournament bag changes week to week depending what I’m bowling on

    1. Alexander Worschech I’m filming that video next week ! But the Supra for me is longer and hooks a little less than the VIP

    1. Mr Elliott If you had the flash and the scorn only then yea ideally you’d start with the flash and if the flash starts to weak 10 or something like that then you can get into the scorn

    2. @MotivLou Thanks, I’m a down and in bowler and the Scorn the Scorn is my favorite unless I have heavy oil. I need a ball for that.

    3. Mr Elliott The flash will be a great step up from the Scorn. The alpha and the ghost will be great step ups from the scorn as well

  2. Another great video Lou! I got my Jackal Flash Wednesday. I love that ball! It did not disappoint at all!

    1. @MotivLou I even fell asleep with it when I got home. Wife decided to take a picture of me and send it to her friend which is the wife of my coworker. Needless to say, I haven’t heard the end of it lol

    2. UnderdogStories hey thats okay !! Ball is THAT good !!! If you have an Instagram send that picture to my IG page it’s called MotivManiac and I’ll share it there !!

  3. I’ve tossed that tator for 2 weeks now and I’m definitely going to have to make a surface change. Leaving quite a few splits with it. It either checks up on me when I get it inside or hangs when I push it out. Got the VIP on order also.

  4. My jackal flash will be here next week and my VIP in two weeks I think the VIP will be better for me personally because for my leagues I throw a lot of cleaner and weaker stuff, for example the rogue assassin is too much ball for league for me most of the time

  5. Have never thrown a Motiv ball until I got the Rip Cord Flight over the summer. Went 777 with it the first night i threw it. Which one would be a good compliment to it?

    1. Vampyre Bowler Between these two I would say the VIP but in general I would say the venom Shock because it has a similar cover with a weaker core so it would be a great step down

    1. Dante Baxter these two balls are amazing for me ! I hope you like them as much as I do !!! #GetMOTIVated #BeMOTIVated #StayMOTIVated

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