VIP Affliction Ball Motion Video

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The VIP line is back with something very special for greater oil volume. Never before available worldwide, the powerful new Affliction™ symmetrical core is featured to create a heavy oil monster with 10-back continuation. The VIP Affliction is only available in limited quantities so get it while you can!

Designed to create an angular motion in heavy oil, the VIP Affliction features Infusion™ HV Hybrid Reactive cover stock. It digs in the oil yet retains enough energy to continue with significant angle down lane. The 4000 Grit LSS finish provides more traction than a shiny pearl, but is not so dull to lose continuation.

The fast-spinning Affliction™ core has a low RG and substantial differential. This combination gives the bowler both stability and strength to pair with the clean and angular hybrid cover wrapped around it. This combination makes the VIP Affliction incredible for creating angle on transitioning heavy oil patterns.

Speed Dominant: For speed dominant players, this is a strong enough core to allow comfort when creating angle. For speed dominant players the concern is all too often that creating angle is difficult because the ball wants to shoot through the breakpoint. The low rg paired with a high diff will allow for greater speeds and more aggressive launch angles from speed dominant bowlers.
Balanced: Balanced bowlers who like to create angle early in a block will love having the VIP Affliction in their bag. Balanced bowlers sometimes end up “on the wrong side” of the higher rev rate players because they cannot shape anything enough early in the block. The VIP Affliction fills this crucial spot in the bag of a competitive balanced player.
Rev Dominant: When the puddle in the middle is substantial, but you want to win the race to left, the VIP Affliction will do just that. With just enough dig in the oil to allow rev dominant players to get left fast, the VIP Affliction is a great option for early transition when the oil is thick. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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