Versatility In Bowling Is EVERYTHING & Here’s Why!

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I always talk about being versatile in bowling so today we are going to talk about why its important and how to gain some versatilely!

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28 Comments on “Versatility In Bowling Is EVERYTHING & Here’s Why!”

  1. Yes sir… my biggest hurdle is going stupid left as I never have had to until modern times, now you about have to play every part to be successful

  2. Incredible video as always Luis I just ordered a Rubicon UC3 to go in my arsenal keep up the great work man and happy Easter

  3. I feel like I’m somewhat versatile, there are always things I can work on though! I like keeping my feet around 25-23 rolling out to 15 sometimes 10 arrow with my breakpoint around 7-6 on my house. Thats usually money. I can play deeper if needed

  4. I need to teach myself to play a little straighter I have trouble with that part of my game I normally play 15 to 25 arrows to 5 to 10 down lane

  5. This was a good one Luis! I’m not a Pro by any means (77) but practicing like this has improved my game for sure – and personally it has paid off in League play on difficult house shots.

  6. I’ve been finding that I need that versatility. Our bowling center just recently started a PBA experience league, where we will be bowling on a different Kegal animal sport pattern each week for eight weeks.
    I didn’t realize how much I’ve gotten comfortable on a THS until I bowled Bear last week. Needless to say, I didn’t do very well. There were very few people that did. So I feel that I not only need to be versatile in my shots but also my equipment. I have a pretty good arsenal but my ball selection, where to play them, and adjusting for the pattern need serious work.

    Thanks for the video as always, Luis. Keep up the good work. It is helping me and others, I’m sure.

    1. @Luis Napoles It’s rough, man. I bowled a 408 series for three games. Our top scorer for the night was a 657. The guys bowling this league bowl 700’s on a regular basis. But it was great fun and I’m enjoying the experience.

  7. Great video as usual Luis, a few questions, what layout do you prefer/have on the dark code and is that ball close to altered reality? also that uc3 looks sweet did you add any surface or is it factory? love your channel , cheers!

  8. My bowling style, my house’s shot, and the type of ball I was using (Sure Lock, Pitch Black) never allowed me to learn to play deep. I bought me a Hy-Road and RST X2 in hopes I can try and play all areas of the lane.

  9. Great video. I would love to see a video where you instruct on your release technique for each shot.

  10. I’ve never been able to play deep. Luckily, as a Southpaw, rarely do I need to stand right, and send it left. My rev rate won’t allow the ball to come back from deep.
    My comfort zone is playing up the boards.
    I enjoy playing anywhere from the 3 board, to 15.

  11. UC3 is not very versatile, it’s actually an extremely niche ball, which is why you dont see it much from the pros except in very specific conditions

  12. Great video! I just subscribed 👍🏽 Quick question, I have the Idol Helios and I’m looking for 2 more balls to round out my arsenal. What balls would you recommend? I’m a two handed bowler and only bowl on house shots. Thanks for your help!

  13. My son (2 hander right) added to his versatility to bowl with a 3-step approach as opposed to 5-step approach so he could bowl in front of the ball return and loft over 7th and 6th arrow.

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