6 Comments on “Using Tape In The Thumb Hole + More! – #RadicalRundown”

  1. I used to tape my thumb hole, but if you had to remove the tape, for whatever reason, I didn’t like the residue that would be left behind. I now tape my thumb instead. When you use cleaning fluid on a ball during a match, it creates issues. However, just cleaning your thumb doesn’t create problems with other bowlers.

  2. I end up having to use so much of that tape. One day my thumb is falling out early. Another day a little breath in the thumb hole is enough. But one thing is sure get a few different thicknesses. Sometimes you’re right on the line between dropping the ball and having it go down the lane with your thumb in it.

  3. I use tape in thumb hole as well using 3 different thumb tapes from fast release, medium and slow release to get the right feel.

  4. I’m the weirdo using red Hada patch to keep the thing from sticking completely, plus painters’ tape because the texture is between white and black thumbhole tape 😅

  5. I have been using thumb tape on my thumb recently, because I swell nearly every time during a 3 game League, and it is super easy to take it off my thumb, but I also have had white tape inside the bowling ball for grip, particularly during the winter. The shimming of the fingers is something I have seen before, but never really used it.

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