Used vs Resurfaced vs New – Venom Shock

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In this video we take a Venom Shock with over 150 games on in it, compare it to that same ball freshly resurfaced, and also compare it to a brand new Venom Shock. You can see in this video that giving a used ball a fresh resurface, no matter how many games were on it, will bring it right back to life like a brand new ball! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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11 Comments on “Used vs Resurfaced vs New – Venom Shock”

  1. Nick, you were at least 10 boards further left at the foul line with your used Venom than you were with the resurfaced and new. 😲

    1. Yeah, I had to play more in the oil and closer to the head pin because the used ball wouldn’t make it back if I got it out.

    1. @bowlmotiv after whatever happened to motiv Lou average bowlers need more videos like this and what he did for motiv. You can find any kind of video you want for storm balls no where near as much for motiv. I will never bowl with storm again last three I had cracked all the way around. Everything thing I have is motiv even my thumb tape and I’m not a rep. Just ur average senior bowler.

  2. Now I’m sure after a lot of games you can bring the ball back to life but I’m like 100% sure I need a complete new one Bc Ive had my venom shock for over 4 years and I’ve thrown it everytime I’ve bowl so I have a ton of games on it and I’ve tried resurfacing it and it just doesn’t do anything anymore

  3. This is one of the things I love about MOTIV and why I am MOTIV-only now – they concentrate on their own brand and never diss another 👏👏👏

    Looking to bowling again after my injury. More of these vids would be great!

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