1. I wouldn’t go to only PBA events, because the CEO of their parent company, Bowlero can not reconcile their actions with their publicly stated statements about the entire sport. Keep in mind that it was Tom Shannon who said – on TV at that – that “nobody takes bowling seriously!”. Why would a serious bowler want to patron a company whose CEO doesn’t take them seriously?

  2. Additionally, it was said that the bowlers who complained about lane 31 in Grand Rapids were fined for complaining about the lanes. As the USBC only compensated the bowlers at the Queens, what happens to the fines of the ladies in Grand Rapids?

  3. The usbc does more to hurt the game than further it. Whats ok today might not be tomorrow. They interfere with the sport way to much.

  4. its just like the USBC banning those 7 storm balls for no good reason storm should have appealed the ban or took it to court

    1. There was a reason why those balls were banned, and it’s the same reason why the Purple Hammer was banned. But it is funny how you mention those and not any competitor’s balls.

  5. Just curious, but does the lane machines report how much oil was physically applied and how after it resurfaces a lane? You would think some sort of post operational reporting would be required by those machines to ensure all lanes were properly conditioned.

  6. Only reason USBC issued a statement is because Kegel admitted a mistake with the machines thus putting the blame on them. USCB & Chad Murphy hasn’t taken any responsibility of any kind. To me Chad Murphy should publicly apologize to the women about the mistake. Also he should reverse the fines the women had to pay. Cause as far as I know the Women’s fines still stand. If Chad Murphy does nothing he should be forced to step down from his position as President!

  7. USBC unnecessarily gaslighted their entire membership over this issue. The problem with walking it back behind Kegel’s press release is that they have now undermined the reliability of their own oil pattern testing and validation processes.

    1. @Michael Nope. We have to trust that process. The alternative is to implement a more comprehensive measurement process that correlates with observed ball motion. If the ball is hooking at 15′ on one lane and not another, but the lane tapes show no differences, there is a problem with the lane tape measurement process.

  8. So, first of all, if the USBC is now backpedalling and admitting that somethign was very wrong with those lanes, how about rescinding the fines against the PWBA bowlers who had the gumption to state the obvious?

    I don’t think that the entire USBC organization should be boycotted or “needs to go away.” I do think that it’s time for fresh and transparent, bowler-centric leadership change, which means that yes, I believe Mr. Murphy needs to go! I have several concerns with the PBA LBC program: First, like or hate the USBC, they do have an established network of local chapters across the USA, an equipment and specifications team and a rules team. While Neil Stremmel has shared the PBA LBC rules and specs, until there is equal or greater membership and participation in the PBA LBC program versus the USBC, the situation is similar to the question of whether you should purchase an EV: if only there was a network of nation-wide charging stations, I would feel better about doing so!

    My second concern with the PBA LBC program, is that we need to remember that the official name of this program is the BOWLERO PBA LBC (caps added for emphasis). Bowlero owns the PBA, while the USBC (and to a lesser degree, the BPAA), owns the PWBA. Tangentially, this makes for some fascinating bedfellows, because you have the largest international bowling center corporation owning a huge chunk of professional bowling on the men’s side, while you have the NGB of bowling in the USA owning professional bowling on the women’s side. But I digress…

    Bowlero isn’t without fault, either, with its focus on open play, parties, and quite probably, string pinsetters to come. So while it is certainly a case of low-hanging fruit to go after the USBC and Murphy, Bowlero, which owns the PBA LBC, isn’t necessarily the best other option, and might well be a case of “out of the frying pan, into the fire”! Of course, the only and obvious problem, is that there is no other organized bowling entity, other than these two. Unless Murphy is forced to step down, which at this point appears unlikely, the only way to press the USBC for change, is to leave the USBC and join the PBA LBC program. Loss of revenue will eventually take a toll on the USBC and may lead to the USBC taking drastic steps to save itself, including new leadership, and a recognition that the Interntational Olympics Committee requires a sport to have its own National Governing Body. Currently, the USBC is the NGB of bowling in the USA, while the PBA LBC is not. Absent the USBC, and we would have even slimmer of a chance for bowling to be recognized as an Olympic sport, than we have right now. Now do most bowlers care, one way or the other? Probably not–and I get that. But the USBC might care, and might just be motivated to take needed steps to get there…

    So, is this a case of “better the devil you know, than the one you don’t”, or “Out with the old, in with the new”?

  9. Chris, The USBC messed up my 2020 – 2021 season. They did not have me as a member although my wife and I both paid at the same time. I wrote them 7 times and they never fixed it. I bowled 4, 300 games in competition that season and it went undocumented. I hate the USBC and how they operate or lack of operation!!!!!!!

  10. The day the USBC collapses is going to be a good day for all of us. Their own incompetence should be their punishment.

  11. I think the clear problem, as mentioned in the video, is leadership. The tone of the leadership’s communication is set at the top. Isn’t their an election for his position this year? I can do it a lot better for half of that monster salary!!

  12. How long does it take to re oil a few lanes? Am I missing something here? The USBC reminds me more and more of corporate America! If I were the PWBA, after the lanes were oiled, I would designate someone to throw a ball or two down each lane. To certify the lanes before the start of competition. Have we forgotten all common sense? Pitchers go out on the mound and throw a few pitches. If there is something wrong with the mound, the crew comes out and fixes it. Maybe, during practice, I assume they get a few practice balls before they start competition. If the lanes seem so radically strange. Ping a tournament official. Reoil. This is not rocket science. Its bowling!

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